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10 Reasons You Should Make a Career Change – NOW

It’s far too easy to complain about your current work situation as opposed to actually do anything about it. Living paycheck to paycheck, checking in at 8 and checking out at 5 and only having a lunch break and the weekend to look forward are all obvious signs of dissatisfaction with your job. But are actually you doing anything about it?

In the land of startups, tech & entrepreneurial business ventures, I feel it’s time to wake you, the talent, up! As such, here are 10 hard and fast reasons you need to change your career, before you truly become an office zombie. Also, Office Space may or may not have had partial inspiration for this article.

  • DMV syndrome: You know that feeling you get when you get jury duty or have to go to the DMV? If you are experiencing a similar feeling towards work – then you are in grave career danger. Losing excitement for working should not be normal and you have time to change! Techies excel in environments where their skills are put to the test and they face challenges. While the DMV may be a challenging, it’s not exactly an open space for optimizing efficiency. Especially in tech, there’s no excuse for not having an innovative and challenge-driven position.
  • Too much internet browsing: If more than half your days are spent on Buzzfeed or reddit, then I strongly encourage you to re-evaluate what that means for your career. That kind of time on your hands can only have negative implications for your future. Whether you are bored or don’t have enough work to do, create a skill listing to engage yourself in opportunities that are way more involved than your current position. It’s not like you don’t have the time to set it up!
  • You’re underpaid: Working in tech warrants a very respectable paycheck. If you don’t feel your current position reflects this, then allow us to help you meet marketplace value. With countless fortune 500 companies signed up for the SkillGigs platform, there’s no reason you can’t land a gig that pays your worth. Even better, you post your skills at a price tag – so employers have complete transparency of your salary expectations.
  • Work/life imbalance: Unhealthy habits happen to the best of us, but if you’re letting toxic feelings towards work carry over into your physical self – then you’re experiencing improper work/life balance! Our freedom campaign was inspired by individuals who are empowered by this platform, because of the time it gave back to them. The technology automates your job hunting process through an algorithm and you are only presented with gigs that meet your demands for work/life balance.
  • Day dreamer: Stop substituting your ideas & brain power at work for dreams of future trips, retirement, and other realities. Time to find a job that forces you to live in real-time & enjoy it! Too often, talent loses motivation because their heads are lost in the clouds and priorities are thrown out the window. Finding a position that limits the day dreaming makes you more efficient in your role, and thus more engaged in what you are doing everyday. Live in the moment, so you don’t regret what you did with your life’s work.
  • Toxic workplace: If more than half of your co-workers are unhappy, difficult to work with & are generally not aware of how to improve…get out now, before you become one of them! There’s nothing worse than a toxic company culture, in which negative emotions are too frequently trumping the time normally spent making something great for your company.
  • Lack of purpose: If you aren’t included in certain tasks, your opinions aren’t heard and your work goes unused – then you are probably experiencing lack in purpose. Tech talent is understaffed as it is, so there’s really no reason to allow your skills to go unused. I understand the struggle of finding a job that plays to your strengths, which is why I appreciate the place our talent advocates have in the platform. They masterfully screen talent for the sake of understanding them as people – and not just for their skills. While our platform automates the job matching, our talent advocates are the ones with the final look to verify your personality, needs & strengths truly match a gig listing.
  • Outdating yourself: You haven’t learned anything since you started. While this is an obvious red flag, a lot of people are comfortable not picking up new skills. While that may be acceptable in other industries, in tech, this can severely damage your qualifications. If your current employer won’t support innovation, you stand the risk of outdating your skills & excepting yourself from future opportunities.
  • Hooky monster: Allowing yourself to make excuses for leaving early, arriving late or missing work (and enjoying it) sounds absolutely depressing. While playing hooky is okay every now and then, it shouldn’t become a regular habit. Work doesn’t have to become something to avoid at all costs. You aren’t a student skipping class, you are an adult with an opportunity to make something of your life.
  • Underselling your opportunities: Believing you will never find anything better is absurd. Why do you think Silicon Valley, AI & literal robots even exist? We work with people that live and breathe tech and they need manpower. Do yourself and the tech industry a favor, and become an available job seeker. If you’re interested in taking the leap, with little to no effort, then sign up now to activate your skill listing.