10 UX/UI Instagram Accounts You're Missing
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10 UX/UI Instagram Accounts You’re Missing

We’re continuing our Top 10 series with our next category of influencers: UX/UI Designers.

With a category as subjective as design, it seems unfair to rank only the accounts with higher follower-counts.

Instead, we’ve decided to highlight the rising stars of this field that have under 15k followers from all over the world. Check out these amazing UX/UI design accounts you might have missed on your last follow-spree.

1. Jan Raven @janravendeklerk

Raven’s page is filled with striking visuals, bold colors, and understated minimalism in his many designs for website layouts. His use of strong typography and geometric pattern will give any designer goosebumps. For more about @janravendeklerk, check out his latest work below:

2. Hoang Nguyen @hoangnguyen277

Specializing in app design and animation, Nguyen’s feed is clean, interactive, and fluid. His latest designs feature a beautiful display of health data from an Iris Scanning interaction app. Check out some of his latest work below:



3. Jürgen Leckie @uxjurgen

“Make it fun and make it work!” Leckie takes us inside his thought process behind his designs by sharing his sketches and conception drawings on his page. This unique viewpoint into the UX design process is inspiring for a designer in any season of their career, and it makes for an interesting composition as a whole. See his latest feed photos below:


4. Julien Fischer @jajadesign

Specializing in product redesign, Fischer’s account is perfect for anyone looking for design inspiration. Incorporating functionality and flare in every design, his work continues to inspire new ideas for interactions and animations. See his latest work below:

5. Angel Villanueva @sogaso

If you’re looking for your next inspiration for a minimalistic app design, look no further than Villanueva. This designer’s talents don’t stop at his UX/UI design, but flood into his overall composition of the photographs he takes of his work. The sleek look of his app designs carries over into his presentation of each prototype. For his latest work, see below:

6. Landon Cooper @landohhh

With a beautiful mix of designs, Cooper’s page can be described with one word: cool. Cooper’s work has a signature look of absolute sleekness, with his latest having a dark background that wonderfully contrasts against the Instagram-grey backdrop. Check out his latest display below:



7. Gleb Kuznetsov @glebich

Pictures really don’t do this feed justice. Kuznetsov’s futuristic animations have a sleek quality best captured in the videos he posts of his work including holographic displays 3D installations, and geometric designs. Check out his recent work below:

8. Faizur Rehman @fazurrehman

Rehman uses organic shapes and playful color schemes to execute an overall composition that you won’t want to miss. Gladly sharing successes in his work, Rehman takes you inside his completed projects and inspires the designer in all of us. See his latest work below:



9. Christian Vizcarra @christvizcarra

Mainly featuring images of his sleek workspace, Vizcarra’s feed highlights the beauty of technology, photographing space grey atmosphere with splashes of color. Scattered throughout his feed are snippets of his sleek product designs. See his latest work below:



10. Giga Tamarashvili @gtamarashvili

With a wide variety of product designs, Tamarashvili’s exquisite use of white space creates a very fresh feel for his feed. Small pops of color give this page liveliness without losing the minimalistic quality that makes his work so eye-catching. Check out his recent additions below:



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