21 Essential Items for Every Travel Nurse
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21 Essential Items for Every Travel Nurse

When it comes to travel nursing packing light is the name of the game.

You’re always on the move and lugging around all your things can be a daunting task.

However, you still want to have a nicely furnished place with amenities.

Well, what if we told you that you could have it all? This article will show you the way you can keep it light while not feeling like you’re camping.

Vacuum Storage Bags ($15.99)

Let’s start with an essential item for constant moving, the vacuum storage bag. These handy plastic bags help double your luggage space by sucking the air out of the bags with a little hand pump (or vacuum if you have one). The airtight bags are waterproof also protecting your clothes and linens from any travel mishaps. These come with plenty for the price and a lifetime warranty if they should get damaged.

Luggage Cubes ($19.99)

The next is another tool to help free up some luggage space. Packing Cubes are cute little organization tools that come in many sizes, and each holds a specific item and can help save you time unpacking.

Hanging Laundry Bag ($13.95)

This simple hamper saves time and space, an asset that’s rare in these temporary houses sometimes. They hang over your door, plus they come with a little bag for delicates.

Travel Makeup Bags ($10.88)

This is a bathroom essential. The perfect bag to keep your bathroom organized has many pockets and slots for toiletries and makeup.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker ($19.99)

These buddies are perfect for both your workout and your shower. The suction lets you place it on the shower wall, and the clip allows you to hang it from yourself during a bike ride or a run.

Kitchen Multi-tool ($24.99)

This gadget pays for itself. They look like Swiss army knives and carry 12 kitchen utensils in 1. This can save you a lot of money over time since most travel nurses end up donating all their kitchen utensils and repurchasing them when they move now you won’t have to!

Personal Portable Oven ($24.95)

Another kitchen hack is a portable oven. This is great for slow cooking and reheating leftovers without a microwave. The design is great for travel nurses because it’s lighter small and cheaper than a microwave oven.

Travel Coffee Press ($19.95)

This gadget will save your life. The travel coffee press allows you to make your coffee in the same tumbler you’d take it in saving you time and money! Every nurse knows coffee is mandatory to get through your shift.

Portable Steamer ($20.99)

The portable clothes steamer eases the packing load by replacing the heavy iron and eases your morning routine by quickly and effectively getting those wrinkles out of your scrubs.

Blackout Sleep Mask ($6.99)

This goes out to all my night shift nurses! These masks block out 100% of all light, allowing you to sleep in broad daylight. The design is specialized to reduce pressure on your eyes and nose, so it feels like you’re not wearing anything. They look like a bra for your face but trust me they’ll upgrade your sleep.

Portable Sleep Therapy ($31.99)

This device emits a soothing noise that helps you relax and tune out any noise pollution to help you fall asleep faster and give you a full night’s rest. You can’t put a price on that except you can, $31.99.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper ($59.99)

The last item to ensure a great sleep is a memory foam mattress topper. This is an automatic upgrade to your mattress wherever you are. Available in different sizes depending on your needs.

Portable Light Therapy Lamp ($35.89)

If you need a boost in your mood after a hard day, this gadget will do just that. The lamp mimics natural sunlight to help with fatigue, stress, or even weather blues. These come in clutch in the winter months for those travel nurses up north.

Resistance Bands ($10.97)

Another great form of self-care that boosts your mood is exercise, but gym memberships can be expensive or charge large cancellation fees which are not ideal for travel nurses. Whatever your issue is with the gym, the resistance band kit is your solution. These highly portable, lightweight, rubber bands give you a great work out and save you money while their design is a breeze to pack and move.

Inflatable Couch Pull-Out Mattress ($39.99)

These are useful for when you have a guest over or need to sleepover at a friend’s house.

Mini Projector ($89.99)

This beats the TV by a mile. A mini projector is portable and projects an HD screen larger than any of your housing would provide. The small box packs easily in a provided bag and comes with an HDMI cable.

Fire Stick ($29.99)

This gadget is your one-stop-shop for all things streaming plus its small enough to fit in your pocket. At a ridiculous price, this allows you to binge all your favorite shows. (subscription service may be required)

Wi-Fi Router ($24.99)

Yes, it’s an extra thing for you to pack, but it will still save you money and time. Every internet provider charge at least $10 a month to lend you a Wi-Fi router but if you own your own, then that’s $10 you don’t have to pay to your internet company. Plus, there’s no hassle of returning their router when you move.

Multi-Wall Outlet Surge Protector ($15.97)

Some places you’ll stay will have only one outlet sometimes. This little brick lets you charge 4 USB devices at once and still leave you with three wall sockets for whatever you need.

Birchbox subscription ($42 per 3 months)

This box shipment subscription is essential for any travel nurses grooming routine. Every month they ship you a personalized sample-sized grooming routine, so you never have to worry about leaving behind your favorite skincare products at the airport or packing your large shampoo bottles.

Travel Journal ($12.99)

Keeping a travel journal is a great way to motivate you to get out and explore on your downtime or plan your next adventure. Plus it’s a keepsake of all the memories you created along the way.

Every item here is a great way to save you time money and help you enjoy yourself on assignment.

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