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5 Ways Tech Recruitment Will Change in The Future

In my line of work, I often wonder how well we do at keeping up with the technology we’ve created. As ironic as it sounds, there are a lot of resources readily available, but we truthfully aren’t using them in a concise and efficient manner. While jobs are often created for troubleshooting and advancing technology, our methods for filling them are best compared to shooting in the dark. With the creation of AI, I predict a future where we finally have the opportunity to catch up to the technology we’ve built.

Didn’t you know – it takes more than having technical skills to fill a job?

Tech is hard to fill, yet there is a surplus of this talent in the marketplace. They have the skills required and they NEED the job…so why is there a disconnect? In our pursuit of resolving this discrepancy, here’s my food for thought on how sourcing will revolutionize.

Patience for the recruiter is diminishing

  1. I’ve said it once before and I will say it again – Time is money. No one has time to look through a hundred embellished resumes and cover letters. Our patented 3D resume captures candidate experience and measures skillsets to accurately reflect what the candidate’s current skills are in relation to recent work experiences. The layout and calculations utilized in this 3D resume are composed in such a way that employers can evaluate candidacy in 15 seconds or less.

Manual hiring processes are becoming obsolete

  1. Obviously manual processes are inefficient and are becoming outdated. Quality talent gets lost in the mix and bad hires occur as a result of this loss. Naturally, unfit hires don’t last long and all the training and effort spent on them is wasted. Elite companies can’t afford this toxic cycle and are looking for solutions to remove what can be done just as well, if not better, with a tool. That’s why the SkillGigs platform does the curation for employers, so they ONLY see talent that makes sense for the role. Even better – it’s automated.

Talent is insisting on market value

  1. We are at a point where talent and skillsets are highly diversified. Keeping up with technology is often something that can make or break a company. Candidates know they are in high demand, and they want to be compensated. Recruiter fees make the talent and their service almost unaffordable to the client. The middleman is becoming too expensive, while tech talent is asking for their value. The time is now to use tools that are inexpensive compared to outrageous agency fees.

Data is money

  1. Tracking performance has always been something that was done after the fact – to see how certain methods affected revenue. Nowadays, data is valued at a monetary level. The worth of what a dataset can provide is something that C-suite level people are obsessed with. Data shows discrepancies in hiring, performance is low with agencies and now tech companies are looking for innovative solutions to tidy up hiring. They are open to expanding their hiring arsenal and aren’t afraid to cut ties with old methods that produce poor and unsustainable data.

Culture fit is just as important to talent as it is to the employer

  1. Quality hires means more than matching skill sets to job duties. We know this, which is why a huge part of our curation involves cultural fit. Personality can never be ignored in terms of collaborating on the job. Companies often loose company culture when they experience high turnover; therefore, our goal is to find individuals that could be placed permanently. SkillGigs is a sustainable option that focuses on real-time availability, skills & curation. Since we work from a subscription business model, we care more about ensuring the tool is optimized, as opposed to pushing candidates to collect a percentage fee.