52 Best Interview Questions You Should Be Asking
52 Best Interview Questions You Should Be Asking
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52 of The Best Interview Questions You Should be Asking

Interviews are an excellent opportunity to figure out whether a job is a right fit for you and your career goals.

This means that it’s crucial for you to go into it with questions of your own. What information do you need to know about the position? The company? The team?

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of key questions to ask your interviewer. While it’s best not to ask them one right after the other, incorporating these questions throughout the interview will ensure that you’ve covered all your bases.

Questions About the Position

Make sure you’re confident in what your day-to-day duties may look like.

1. What will a typical day look like for me, as far as the role responsibilities are concerned?

2. What projects need to be addressed first?

3. Can you share examples of tasks I would have on my plate?

4. What abilities and experiences would you like to see in a candidate?

5. What qualities are necessary for me to excel in this position?

6. What can I bring to the team that it doesn’t already have?

7. What are the most prominent difficulties a person in this position would have to deal with?

8. How big of a budget would I have access to/work with?

9. Was there someone in this role before or is it newly created?

10. Do you see the primary duties of this position shifting in the next year?


Questions to About Your Onboarding and Professional Growth

Consider each new job as the next step on your path to your career goal. How will this position assist you in getting there?

11. What is the onboarding process?

12. Are there multiple training programs available to your employees? If so, what are they?

13. Are there growth opportunities? What sort of career path do you offer employees?

14. Would I be responsible for representing the company at any tradeshows or conferences?

15. For the person that had this role before me, where did they go?

16. If an employee does well in this role, where can they expect to go from here?


Questions About How Your Performance Is Measured

Gaining an understanding of how your potential new manager will measure your success is vital in understanding the company’s goals, along with their managerial style.

17. What do you expect out of my work product in the first month, 2 months, 3 months?

18. What level of performance to expect the person in this role to be at in the first year?

19. What is the performance review process? How frequently does this occur in a formal way?

20. What are the KPIs for this role?


Questions to Build Conversation With The Interviewer

It’s always a good idea to build conversation; ask questions of the interviewer that show you’re interested in them as an individual and not just as your interviewer.

21. How long have you been working at this company?

22. How has your role evolved since you started?

23. Where did you work prior to here?

24. Why did you decide to start working here?

25. What do you enjoy most about working here?


Questions About the Company

Your job is one of the most crucial aspects of your life, and it may prove to be very beneficial to gain insight about the company you work for before you consider working there.

26. Are there any plans for growth that this company is currently exploring?

27. When you think of the company’s future, what do you see?

28. Could you tell me about the company’s current goals and how we as individuals contribute to them?

29. I read about the company’s history, how has the company improved since its original founding?

30. Do you think the company is headed in a direction of____?


Questions About the Team Dynamic

Part of what makes a job enjoyable (or not so) is, of course, your fellow employees. Taking the time to uncover the nature of the team can help determine if it is the right team for you.

31. What can you tell me about the team that I will be on?

32. Could you tell me about the departments that I will be working closely with?

33. What do you think the team’s biggest strengths and challenges are?

34. Who will I be reporting to?

35. Could you tell me more about the closest team members and what they plan to do?

36. Does this company plan on hiring more employees for this department in the next few months?

37. In this department, what are some of the most common paths an employee will take?


Questions about the Company’s Culture

Will you have the flexibility to work from home? Or, do you think the company will be strict on office hours? Find out the company culture before committing to ensure the best possible work experience.

38.  Are there any office traditions? If so, could you tell me about your favorite?

39. Since you joined the company, how has it changed?

40. Are there ever any joint events with other departments or corporations?

41. Do team members often interact outside the office?

42. Could you tell me about your company values?

43. Could you tell me more about the types of team events you do?

44. Do people tend to work together more often or are they more independent?

45. Could you describe the culture here?

46. Do employees typically do anything for lunch together?

47. What is one thing that you find unique about working here?

48. What’s your favorite part about the company culture here?


Questions After the Interview

At the end of the interview, it is wise to ensure that you’ve provided all of the necessary information for the interviewer to proceed with next steps.

49. Is there anything from my experience that would prevent me from being a fit for this role?

50. What are the steps to follow this and is there anything I can do specifically to follow up?

51. Would you like me to provide anything else for you that would aid you in your decisions?

52. Do you have any remaining questions for me, before I go?