8 Gadgets to Make Your Healthcare Lifestyle Easier
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8 Gadgets to Make Your Healthcare Lifestyle Easier

Have you ever been swamped at a healthcare facility with enough patients till what seems like next week?

Maybe you put your coffee down for one second only to be called away. On the other hand, you could be looking for a pen you dropped in a rush to your next patient and need to take notes. Technology has improved a lot to help us through everyday things, and healthcare is no exception.

These 8 technologies are designed to improve the efficiency and stress level of the healthcare professional lifestyle. Check out our picks for top gadgets for healthcare providers!

1. Ampoule Opener/Cracker

Ampoules are tough vials to open. You can’t always rely on someone to have an opener. You never want to try opening them with your hands either. It is good to have an opener on your person to help you with this task. Those pesky little vials no longer stand a chance when you have a simple opener to help you out. Most openers are made of simple plastics. If you want one that lasts quite a long time, they do offer glass and metal ones as well.

2. Mini Voice Recorder w/ USB

Are you having a busy day, and there are just too many things to keep track of on a notepad or iPad? It has all happened to us at one point in time, where the pen is no longer the mightiest of them all. With this voice recorder, now, you don’t have to worry. With its durable design, this recorder is quick and easy to use and can even be quickly plugged into a computer without wires. That way, you can have your notes at the press of a button without extra cords. Just remember to transcribe the recordings in your notes later.

3. Wearable Notepad

You are running patient to patient, room to room, and there is no time to carry anything around. This is especially true when you need to take notes on the go. This device is like a small whiteboard on your wrist. Jot down notes quickly and effectively when you have a busy day. You can even write down reminders. It can all be done at the flick of the wrist.

4. Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite

When you have some downtime, it is good to relax a bit and get your mind away from the busy day. Some people enjoy a good video while others enjoy a good book. But when you are on the go, and anything can happen at a healthcare facility, it is best to have something enjoyable yet durable. The Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect solution. They took the Kindle and made it stronger, lighter, and waterproof. So you don’t have to worry about spilling your hot coffee and ruining all of your favorite books when an emergency calls you away.

5. Mug Warmer

We’ve all been there. You get a nice warm cup of coffee that feels like a nice warm hug only to be taken away from it and not return until hours later. Unfortunately, when you do return to it, it is as cold as the Arctic itself. Why not warm it up with a personal mug warmer? Stop the worry of returning to the polar ice caps of coffee. This particular one is easy to tote around and just as easy to clean.

6. Posture Sensor

On a busy day, posture is the last thing we think about. To most, it is not even on our minds – that is, until back pain and sore feet start to tell us otherwise. Good posture can not only help keep you energized but also helps keep your body healthy. This tool was designed to vibrate every time you slouch or go beyond a set threshold via the app. It is a discrete yet personalized way to improve yourself.

7. Vein Finder

Sometimes it is easy to find a patient’s veins. Other times, it gets to be a bit more complicated. You accidentally poke and prod until you find one. We know you don’t like it, and neither do your patients. So a little help from a useful vein finder could go a long way. With this one’s portable yet rugged design, it can assist you in searching for those pesky veins that hideaway.

8. Tablet Pen

Tablets have become an everyday use in hospitals; however, it can get frustrating between fingers and gloves tapping away at the screen. That is where tablet pens come in! Getting one that is slim and sleek that feels like a real pen that is comfortable is key. Picking one that has a good battery life and doesn’t require Bluetooth can be a big help as well. This particular one is ready right out of the package. And if you still need a stylus but want that good old-fashioned pen tip for your wearable notepad, there is also an option for that particular preference.

With these 8 tools at your disposal, hopefully, your lifestyle can become even better. From that nice warm coffee hug at the start of a shift to all the little things that can make a difference in your day, make your life better so you can make others better.




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