Beyond the Technology: Our Dedicated Concierge Travel Department
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Beyond the Technology: Our Dedicated Concierge Travel Department

Skillgigs is growing!

We are a tech company which means we are constantly growing and evolving to improve ourselves for our people.

One of these improvements is conceiving a new multi-faceted position, HR lead!


We sat down to interview our very own HR lead, LeAnn S., so she can provide you all with the scoop on what this means for you! 
Skillgigs: First off, what is your new position and what does it entail?
LeAnn: My new role is the HR Lead. This means I have to plan and coordinate our organization’s external workforce’s experience with Skillgigs. My goal is to administer exceptional employee services. I also oversee our organization’s onboarding & credentialing processes. 
SG: What should our healthcare professionals expect as far as changes?
LeAnn: Where should I start! People can expect a seamless onboarding process for all new hires; quick & direct responses to any employee questions; and compliance or relations issues. This department was developed for the benefit of our contractors. We fully plan to make that our number one priority!
SG: Do these changes affect the day to day of our healthcare professionals?
LeAnn: It will only affect them in positive ways. As an HR team, we typically have an interest in helping, serving, and teaching others. We want our Healthcare Professional’s (HP) to know that we are here to support them in all aspects. We understand the life of a traveling healthcare professional can be chaotic and we just want to relieve our contractors of some of that chaos.
SG: Are there any new benefits our healthcare professionals should see from the changes?
LeAnn: Absolutely! We want our HPs to be confident in choosing Skillgigs to best utilize their talents. To do so, we must build strong relationships and provide open lines of communication. We will be proactive and put in the extra work when needed to support everyone. We want to leave no doubt in our personnel’s minds that they have chosen the right company & that they are in good hands with us.
SG: When do these changes go into effect?
LeAnn: These changes have already been implemented! We are working towards building a team in which we will hold everyone to high standards of responsibility and accountability.
SG: One more thing. Where can our healthcare pros reach you should they need you?
LeAnn: They can always call Skillgigs direct line at (713)-400-5250 and dial the extension which meets their needs. Or, they can call our support line at 1-(800)-773-0643 or email us at


Thanks so much to LeAnn for taking the time to help all of our healthcare professionals! If you have any questions not covered in this interview, feel free to email us or call us! Also, don’t forget to check us out on our social media as well for updates, promotions and more!

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