Big vs Small: Picking the Right City for Travel Nursing
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Big vs Small: Picking the Right City for Travel Nursing

So you want to be a travel nurse but don’t know if you should take a large city or small town assignment?

The variety between a city like Los Angeles, California and a town like Crowley, Louisiana can be a shock. Our country is so versatile and different that you may want to understand the risks or benefits of a large city and small town.

Skillgigs is here to help with picking the right city for travel nursing, large city or small town.

Availability & Experience

In most major United States cities, travel nurses are frequently requested due to the sheer size of the cities. The facilities tend to be large with numerous amount of beds to accommodate the the area they are covering. Whether it is New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, or San Diego, the availability is always there.

However, with a lot of these larger cities, you are hired for a very specific reason. It becomes tough to branch out and try various specialties. While all hospitals experience a spike or drop in patients, in large cities there are plenty of professionals to cover all positions keeping you in your lane.

Healthcare jobs in small towns are still abundant; however, they tend to be a bit more sporadic than the larger cities. At any given time there is always a need in cities like Los Angeles, CA. But when looking at cities such as Brenham, TX, it is either hit or miss with securing a job there. There isn’t always a need for travel healthcare professionals constantly.

On the bright side, when there is a spike in patients in a small town setting, you may need to jump into a different position and learn a new skill. You may even find a new skill you enjoy and wish to pursue. You could end up working in labor and delivery, orthopedic, and even medical. This is a constant especially for L&D nurses in smaller towns. There is definitely more room for growth and learning as a whole in smaller towns.

Healthcare Culture

Another benefit from smaller towns is that they are very welcoming. Travel nurses are integral to the ecosystem of the culture of the healthcare system. Without travel nurses, healthcare facilities would not be able to properly staff from the area. So smaller towns tend to be wonderful places to work.

You may not get the more personal experience that smaller towns offer; however, in larger cities, travel nurses can steer clear of politics and drama quite easily. You can experience the city life and when you get your fill and reach the end of your assignment, you have the ability to move on. You also get to meet plenty of people when you work in a major facility. In the end, you are still integral to the ecosystem of a hospital in both avenues.

Local Life

Large cities offer a vast array of modern things to do. From zoos to museums and a good choice of restaurants and food, there are always things to do in large cities if you are attracted to those activities. Due to the amount of people, different cultures will pop up around the place giving you plenty of food and cultural events to visit.

If you prefer mother nature, hiking, the beach, and other recreational options, larger cities generally won’t be the best pick for these activities. They will require a bit of a drive. This is where small towns tend to excel. They may not always have the more modern zoo or restaurant. However, small towns are generally more welcoming and offer those recreational activities you may be interested in. Whether it be mountain hiking, surfing, or even desert adventures, the smaller towns tend to be closer to nature and sometimes even resorts.

Overall, it comes down to personal preference. Whether it be a big bustling city or a small quaint town, it is up to you and where you wish to take your adventure. Whether you are motivated by the community, cost of living, or specialty, you have control. Here at Skillgigs, we give you the power to choose where you wish to go using our state of the art technology. Whether it be a small town or a big city, let us take you there on your next travel gig.

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