2016 Tech Talent Salary Report for California
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2016 California Tech Talent Salary Report

SkillGigs, the online auction-style job marketplace, today released its Tech Talent Salary Report for California. The report includes salary expectations for some of the top paying and most highly sought-after tech jobs in the state, such as Full Stack Developers and Python Developers. The data has been collected from Skill Listings in SkillGigs that list salary expectations. The data comes directly from the talent in the SkillGigs marketplace to gauge the salary expectations in California.

“California is a highly competitive and tough market to find talent. The unemployment rate for the tech sector is less than three percent, which means top companies are battling for the best talent,” said Kashif Aftab, CEO and Co-founder of SkillGigs. “That means it is even more important for employers to have a clear understanding of salary expectations.”

Mean salary expectations ranged from the mid-to-high $60Ks for PHP Developers up to the mid $200Ks for executive management roles. According to the SkillGigs data, two of the highest demand roles in the Silicon Valley are currently DevOps and Full Stack Developers, with a mean salary expectation of $111K and $107K respectively. The information in the SkillGigs California Tech Market Salary report is based on salary information collected from more than 500 Skill Listings with jobs with the highest demand in the market currently being Full Stack Developers, DevOps Engineers, Data Scientists and Front End Developers.

“The reason this data is so important is to allows employers to know what kind of salaries talent is expecting in a live marketplace, based on their respective skill sets,” continued Aftab.

SkillGigs gives job seekers a clear understanding of Real Market Value within the California tech scene. It is important to know what others with similar skill sets are currently earning before accepting or negotiating a job offer. SkillGigs has done the work of compiling the hottest tech jobs with the appropriate mean salaries to help both talent and employers to get the most for their money.

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