10 Tips for Your New Year Job Hunt

2018 is nearly here & there’s no better time to evaluate where you are in your career. Just starting out? Had the same position for years? Would describe your attitude towards your positions as “just okay”? Haven’t had a raise in a while?

Asking yourself these questions helps you plan your future more efficiently, while also forcing you to face reality with what you are doing currently. It’s too easy to slip into a position where you are only motivated by getting a paycheck.

As talent advocates, we encourage tech talent to take a harder look in the mirror, so they can achieve the perfect job, that means more than getting a paycheck. As such, here are my 10 job-searching tips for the new year.

  • Make short and long-term goals, so you have something to work towards at all times. It’s easy to put off learning a new tool or to plan to ask for something later. By planning goals periodically, you are forcing yourself into continuous improvement. If you don’t think you can achieve this in your current position – time to switch up to a job where you can.
  • It’s 2018 & remote work should always be a part of the conversation. We have laptops, Wi-Fi & virtually any tool you can imagine to make it seem like you are actually in the office. This has proven to make work-life balance more possible, which most agree, makes you a more motivated and hard-working employee.
  • If you’re looking to make a move, it’s time to hone in on new and old skills. One of the biggest reasons I say to evaluate your career at this time of the year is because it’s so easy to become outdated. Invest in your future and make your job search more seamless, by completing some refresher courses.
  • Have an easily understood online presence. Whether you’re searchable via LinkedIn, Indeed, or other career sites, make sure your experience is cleanly displayed with bullet points. Simply put your experience with as much detailed information about years, industry & technical skills. Our 3D resume prompts all of this and more, to make your personal branding effective. Creating a skill listing is free and employers love to look at your experience through this technology. Learn more here: https://sg.dandeli.me/talent/
  • Throw some networking opportunities into your New Year’s resolutions. My recommendation is to attend at least 2 per month and get at least 3 contacts from every event. Networking presents opportunities that are hardly ever searchable online. Additionally, physically interacting with someone makes you more memorable, so you’re automatically more competitive as a candidate. Even if you don’t need or find a position from these events immediately, getting these organic connections never hurts in the long run.
  • Force yourself to job hunt based on numerical goals. Applying to new roles can be a numbers game. Like my tip for networking, similarly set a number for how many roles you want to apply to a week, how many times you send out your resume & how frequently you are reaching out to prospective co-workers.
  • Brush up on your soft skills. We work with a lot of tech talent, who often have more interaction with computers than they do with other people. It’s easy to forget how to talk about your job in plain English, so practice your interviewing and conversational skills so you can seamlessly close in offers.
  • Give all opportunities along the way diligent consideration. While I encourage you to meet your career goals – you can never realistically plan all the opportunities you come across. Be open to new things, even if you haven’t had experience with them before. Especially in the tech industry, it speaks volumes to be able to apply your learning skills to new technologies.
  • While a lot of people may disagree, it’s actually possible to enjoy the hunt. Think of all the possibilities of where you could end up, what you could learn, and who you may meet. No matter what stage you are in in your career, a move means a new experience, which can only mean personal growth. Inspire yourself in your job hunt.
  • Claim your real market value. A huge piece of our platform encourages talent to do the asking when it comes to a salary. While our tool makes for a more transparent space to negotiate pay, remember this can always be a part of the conversation when you are making a change. Leverage your knowledge of what others in your field are making or share what other employers are willing to bid on you. To learn what that actual value is, get your free RMV salary here: https://app.skillgigs.com/RealMarketValue

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