Stand Out in a Tech Interview Part 2

According to in “8,800 Hiring Authorities Weighted In. Here Are the Top 5 New Interviewing Trends,” interviews continue to change with the times, as new and specific skill sets are in high demand.  Last year, in our blog, “9 Essential Tips to Stand Out in a Tech Interview,” we said what everyone is thinking – standing out in tech is kind of an oxymoron, and in 2018, this statement holds true! Skillgigs is still on your side and we want to help you navigate through one of the most intimidating parts of the career change process. With that said – Here Is Your Guide to Standing Out In A Tech Interview: Part 2

Do MORE Research!
So, we know we touched on this in part 1 – but it’s important enough to bring up again. You should be more than prepared when you are asked by the interviewer(s), “What do you know about the company?” – You’re going to want to be able to share with them the latest tech trends you know they are following and incorporating in their company. This is really cool because it shows your interest in additional potential projects you could be involved in. Everything is on the internet in the tech realm, because that is the field that they are in, so definitely use that to your advantage! According to Glassdoor, a typical technical interview can last anywhere between 45 to 60 minutes!

Ask Questions
During the interview process, you want to be engaged and familiar with the conversation. If you’re looking to stand out, your goal should be to make a memorable (and professional) interaction. Asking clear, detailed questions about the company is one best practice to do so! According to Neil Roseman, the former Amazon VP, in “The Anatomy of the Perfect Technical Interview,” when asking a question, interviewers look for things that you may be interested in within the company and they base these assumptions on the kinds of questions you ask.

Prepare for Tests
We have to remember that this is a tech interview, meaning it is more than just what they see on your resume. They want to make sure you can actually execute the tasks of the job. These tests can range from brain teasers (CodingHorror and Grok Code are great sites to check if your tech skills are up to snuff!) to coding exercises. So, be prepared if they give you specific tests to take during, before, or after the interview. Our recommendation to help you is to think out loud and ask plenty of ‘meta-questions.

Act Like It’s Your First Day
You have to go into the interview with confidence that exudes and helps them realize that you are a missing piece of the puzzle that they didn’t realize that they were missing. Don’t be hesitant towards compliments, adapt to your environment, to show that you are a team player. Take every opportunity to interact with the existing team, without overdoing it. Top companies in the industry are always looking for “A” players with that kind of attitude.

Let Your Personality Shine!
Bonus tip from us! Sometimes the process of interviewing can be a little cookie-cutter. Don’t let this be a damper on your personal style. But let your personality be the asterisk on the list, something unique that you have added that this list will only have because you are interviewing! If you’re a comedian, crack a joke, if you’re a fashionista, add a pop of something to your outfit. Show that you are human and they don’t need to enter a captcha code to get to know you!

Know Yourself
Be prepared for the simple questions of “Tell us about yourself” and what “you like to do,”

Skillgigs really helps its talent develop a personal brand, using the 3D resume as a measurement tool for specific skill sets. Having a full picture of your experience gives you the confidence and the data you need to come up with the perfect answer to these open-ended questions. Learn more about the power of the 3D resume here:

Make sure you’re ‘Trendy in IT’
Gadgtecs shares apps that will help you prepare for your interview! Make sure you are knowledgeable of the ins and outs of the industry you are applying for. Being up to date will help you have an advantage on the facts and different techniques to solve your future employers’ existing problems!

We know the number of resources out there can be overwhelming and sometimes, contradicting each other. Our job is to help guide you toward what we see in the marketplace in real-time.

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