Travel Nurse: Bid for the Pay You Want and Deserve

1.5 million bids were sent in SkillGigs in 2022

Case Study Introduction: 

Travel nursing is a challenging career that requires professionals to possess a high level of skill and experience. However, finding the right job that matches your expertise and expectations can be a daunting task. This is a case study that highlights how SkillGigs’ bidding feature for travel nurses is a game-changer in the job search process for these in-demand healthcare professionals. 

Travel Nurse’s Problem:

The client was a travel nurse professional who was struggling to find the right job that matched their skills and experience. They were spending countless hours searching for jobs and applying to multiple vacancies with no success. The client was looking for a better way to find job opportunities that aligned with their expectations. And they wanted to do this in way that gave them more control in their opens, locations, and pay where they did not get that transparency through their former agency.

Solutions Considered:

The client considered various solutions such as using job boards, working with a past or current recruitment agencies, and networking with industry professionals to find suitable job opportunities. However, these solutions were time-consuming, and they did not guarantee a successful job search. 

Identifying SkillGigs’ Bidding Feature as the Solution:

The client discovered SkillGigs’ bidding feature, which was a unique and transparent system that allowed them to connect and communicate directly with employers about gigs through a two-way bidding process. The client was impressed with the level of control they had over the gigs they wanted to bid on. They could explore gigs that matched their expertise and expectations, and place a bid with their desired rate. Employers could also send the client bids based on their skill listings, opening more opportunities for them. With SkillGigs’ bidding feature, the client had the power to negotiate and showcase their skills effectively. 

Benefits of Using SkillGigs’ Bidding Feature:

After using SkillGigs’ bidding feature, the client experienced several benefits.

  • Firstly, they had access to a vast pool of job opportunities that matched their expertise and expectations.
  • Secondly, they could negotiate their rates and showcase their skills effectively, giving them a competitive edge over other candidates.
  • Thirdly, the bidding feature provided full transparency, giving the client the peace of mind to know that they were getting a fair deal. 


SkillGigs’ bidding feature is a game-changer in the job search process for travel nurses. It provides full transparency, control, and flexibility, making it easier for travel nurses to find the right job opportunities that match their expertise and expectations. With SkillGigs’ bidding feature, travel nurse professionals can negotiate their rates, showcase their skills effectively, and achieve their career goals. 

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