Companies with the Best Maternal Leave
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Companies with the Best Maternal Leave

Maternity and paternity leave are being offered by an increasing number of companies that want to demonstrate their commitment to supporting their employees and their families. Though the number of women using these benefits (273,00/month) has not increased between 1994 and 2015, the number of men utilizing paternity leave has tripled in that time period from 5,800/month to 22,000/month.

Maternal and paternal leave benefits are incredibly popular among employees who have or who plan to have children, and help immensely in retaining these employees.

  • Google saw a 50% increase in retention of new mothers when they increased their maternity leave from 12 weeks to 18 weeks.
  • Over 90 percent of employers reported either positive or no effect on their profitability, turnover, and morale after adhering to California’s mandatory paid maternity leave law in 2004.

Maternal and paternal leave benefits improve retention rates of employees who start families and, in the vast majority of cases, have a positive or neutral effect on profitability, turnover, and morale.

Yes, these benefits are beloved by employees and companies around the country, but which companies are doing the best job with their maternal leave policies? We found some of the best examples of companies offering outstanding maternal leave benefits to help you evaluate your own company’s maternal leave program.

Companies with the Best Maternal Leave Benefits

American Express

This household name in the credit card industry offers both male and female employees 5 months of paid leave. This leave applies to all new parents whether this is through adoption, surrogacy or a foster-care program, or whether they are part of an LGBTQ couple.  Additionally, American Express has announced more family benefits for employees, offering 35,000 in adoption or surrogacy assistance and up to 35,000 lifetime limit for infertility treatment.

Bank of America

This banking giant offers full and part-time male and female employees 4 moths of paid leave for new parents who have either had a child or adopted a child.


The Sweden-based interior company offers 4 months of paid maternity and paternity leave to its employees in the US, regardless of whether employees are hourly or salaried and regardless of whether they have become parents through birth, adoption or surrogacy.


Along with the other great perks that this Bay Area tech company offers to its employees, Facebook offers 4 months of paid paternity leave as well paid time off to care for a sick family member. Additionally, Facebook gives new parents $4000 in “baby cash” to help with expenses and offers up to 20,000 in assistance with fertility treatment for employees. This company also provides resources to help with adoption fees and child care.


This North Carolina based software company provides a wide range of parenting benefits, including subsidized childcare and adoption programs and paid maternal and paternal leave. This company has an on-site campground and a fitness center that offer summer camp services to children of employees. SAS also offers resources for parents with older children like a scholarship program and resources and counseling for raising teenagers.


This tech company is famous for its employee-friendly perks and the story is no different for their maternity benefits. The company offers 18 weeks of paid leave to new mothers and 12 weeks for parents who take an equal role in raising the new child. Google also has 4 day-care centers near their headquarters in Mountain View, California.


This high-end outdoor wear company helps out new, breastfeeding moms paying for them to bring their baby and a family member or caregiver on business trips. Patagonia also has a child-care center located at their headquarters in California and company buses transport the children of employees from local schools to their after-care program. The company also offers to subsidize adoption fees for employees.


Etsy, the online marketplace for makers and designers to sell their unique work, offers employees who become parents 6 months of leave regardless of gender and regardless of whether they have become parents through birth or adoption.


The company responsible for such original successes as “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards” has one of the most generous maternity leave policies out there. New moms and dads working at Netflix are given unlimited leave during the first year following the birth of a child or the adoption of a child.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The brainchild of Bill Gates, the philanthropic organization that fights hunger and other world issues offers employees 52 weeks of paid leave for new moms and dads for the birth of a new child.


Along with offering 20 weeks of paid leave for new moms and 6 weeks for new dads, Amazon’s “Leave Share” program allows employees to share their paid leave time with spouses and partners who cannot get paid parenting leave at other companies. Additionally, their “Ramp Back” program gives new parents an 8 week transition period for them to come back to work with reduced time commitments.