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Day in the Life: The Role of a Market Manager

SkillGigs is growing and each day we are adding talented people to help power our marketplace. One critical role is that of the market manager, also known as anenterprise manager. This is a role that we continue to add as we grow. To learn more about this role, SkillGigs decided to have a little fun and interviewed Jamal Jackson, a market enterprise manager. Currently, Jamal helps train and oversee 20+ healthcare relationship managers (HRMs) that are responsible for managing the contracts and bids between our employer partners and talent within our healthcare marketplace. We asked him a few questions about his current role and what he looks forward to the most in his everyday tasks.  

Can you tell us about your typical day as a market manager?  

Jamal: Typically, on Monday, I have our morning meetings so we can go over the week prior. I am big on having an action plan and making sure we set goals to get better each week. Our team covers expectations and roles so that we collectively can be successful. Since we are remote, it is my job to inspire and stay transparent while encouraging my team to find quality roles and candidates. I follow up with the team throughout the day to help put others in a better position moving forward! I also take control and build relationships with the account managers handling VMS (Vendor Management Systems)  to ensure our talent fits in the right places. In order to ensure each company finds the right match, following up is critical to highlight why the talent we have will best fit the position hospitals have open. Consistency helps the managers recognize our name, which will allow us to continue that relationship and build trust so we can have instant responses.  

It is not without effort, but what does success look like for you?  

Jamal: Success is measured by how well my team is doing. I currently have over 20 HRMs . I like to help my HRMs have a plan. A successful HRM will build a pipeline of resources that will make the job easier. Having a positive attitude will also create success because this position can have challenging days like any job. In order to help counter and reduce those times, HRMs will need to understand their assignment and ask questions that will allow them to build successful relationships and hit all their target numbers and goals.  

Thank you for sharing that. So, what do you look forward to the most?  

Jamal: I absolutely love my job! I have a background in training, mentoring, and talent development. If you have the drive and the attitude, I can do the rest. I love developing talent, training, and making sure those under my leadership are successful. Our company services the healthcare industry, so we are also helping hospitals save lives by putting the right talent in vacant positions. Seeing my team get promoted and reach higher executive levels excites me to work harder every day. If I can play a minor part in seeing them grow professionally, financially, and personally, that is what I look forward to the most.  


How has being a market manager helped you grow, and how has it impacted your life?  

Jamal: It has helped me grow, especially when managing a team overseas with different cultures and mentalities. This position has allowed me to become more patient and help manage those differences while being cognizant of the various cultures. Being here at SkillGigs has grown my management skills to a much higher level when working internationally. The impact on my life has been tremendous! The work-life balance is fantastic, primarily because I work from home. This job is incredibly fulfilling as I work in healthcare, so we are helping people save lives. It allows me to be motivated to put people in these hospitals to care for those in need. Especially during a pandemic, where we are helping put people to work, that can make a difference. 


Jamal continues to thrive in his role while being accompanied by several market enterprise managers who work tirelessly to grow our healthcare division. To learn more about joining our team visit our careers page.