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Day in the Life: Finding Your Market Manager Style

SkillGigs continues to grow every day. In order to sustain that growth, we are continuing to highlight those who play a critical role in our company. We asked Market Manager Mason Staton about his leadership style and what he does to encourage his team to find their motivation. Mason helps support healthcare workers in the e-commerce talent marketplace while guiding a team to success. He feels his style is much like a sports coach where he strives to bring out the best in the players. He does this by setting high expectations while nurturing individuals’ learning curves. We spoke to Mason to get a better understanding of his leadership style.   

Tell us a little bit about yourself?  

Mason: I have been in the staffing industry for over a decade and wanted to find an opportunity that is something new. I’ve seen various arms of the industry, but I found that SkillGigs — the marketplace — is challenging me in ways that bring out the best in me.

This position has aligned with my long-term goals, especially with a company doing new and innovative things.    

What is
a typical day in the life of a market manager?

Mason: Throughout the day, I manage and mentor to help guide the direction of our team. When my team works hard, it encourages me to work harder. I provide support by looking at the details to help ensure our talent get chosen quicker and faster. To make sure that becomes a reality, I look at the skills that our talent puts within their profile to package it neatly to the employers within our marketplace. Additionally, I seek out the HRMs (Healthcare Relationship Managers) who are doing well and encourage them to teach others; so our team is learning from each other. This helps raise the overall quality of our work.  

What does success look like for you? 

Mason: Success for me will show by the growing headcount and the overall growth of our team. The more people we have out there, the more people we are helping. For example, each nurse takes care of at least two to 7 people during their assignment. That number of people getting the care they deserve can multiply exponentially fast if we continue to do our job. Even better, success comes in the form of my team. Seeing our HRMs start without any knowledge of the staffing industry to helping multiple nurses in a day find work is rewarding. Especially in a pandemic, it helps to know that I’m providing a service by filling a gap in the healthcare community. 

How has being a market manager helped you grow, and how has it impacted your life?  

Mason: To help my team, I let them know that I’m here for them if things are not going well. That open line of communication helps to bring the best out of everyone. The consistent dialogue helps my team build the skills to be successful. Also, leading a partly overseas group has helped me become a better leader. I’ve grown within this role primarily because of the work/life balance. As a father and husband, it’s essential to be present with your family, which helped drive my decision to work here. The leadership team has shown the possibility of growth within the company and the development of a person. I firmly believe careers should help you succeed in both areas, and SkillGigs has done that for me.   


Mason has helped make SkillGigs become who we are today! If you would like to learn how you can be a part of our team to help disrupt the growing staffing industry, visit our careers page.