December Healthcare Provider of the Month: Carla
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December Healthcare Provider of the Month: Carla

With so many positive moments and effort this month,  it’s tough finding the shining stars.

Every month our nurses do an amazing job but only one can be the Healthcare Provider of the Month (HPoM). This month, Carla V. has the honor of receiving our HPoM Award!

December has been a crazy month. With the holidays keeping everyone busy and stressed, nothing has been more amazing than our nurses. It was challenging to choose just one; however, this month we honor Carla V., a Med Surg RN who is currently working with us in Alabama! She has shown such positivity and has built an amazing relationship with one of our Healthcare Relationship Managers, Paul R. Keep reading to learn more about Carla’s experience with Skillgigs and how she is enjoying her time with us.

Once selected, Carla graciously gave us a brief interview about her time with us. Here’s what she had to say:

“Skillgigs has been very professional from the start. My experience working with Paul R. has been very positive. I decided to travel within my hometown because of the holiday season. I did not want to be far from my family. I like the location. I originally was not looking forward to working so close in the beginning; however, it has been a blessing in disguise. Try travel nursing if you want a challenging yet rewarding change.”

Thank you Carla for your encouraging words. We are happy to hear that you have had such a wonderful experience as a travel nurse working with Skillgigs and hope for more to come. Here’s what Healthcare Relationship Manager, Paul R., had to say about working with Carla:

“Carla is my golden star. She makes me so proud. Just hearing from credentialing, they talk about how on time she is, how up to date she is, just open to communication. It is super exciting to work with her that is for sure.”

Thank you to all the healthcare heroes working with Skillgigs. Carla’s experience is just one of many that we hope to highlight monthly! Compassion and hard work will never go unnoticed, especially with the lives healthcare providers interact with every day.

This month was truly a close race for the HPoM finalists and we thank each and every one of you for your service.

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