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Know the Value of Your Skill

Discover your RMV! Based on your skill combined with supply and demand data, get real-time results for your real market value. This factor helps you get the right pay on your next gig.

Real Market Value Defined

Real Market Value or RMV is SkillGigs’ proprietary valuation of a position and an individual’s potential income value. The results of this calculator are intended to be high level to get a baseline. Further information will require a SkillGigs’ profile and a request for a more details. Contact us if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘Real Market Value’?

The Real Market Value, also known as RMV, is SkillGigs’ proprietary approach to giving a more accurate look at pay potential. It is a customized market analysis which tells you, based on your skill rating and the market demand and supply for your skill and industry experience, how much you can be expected to be paid for a full time or a contract job. The RMV also takes into consideration the location in which you have based out of — which is a critical component with the increase of remote and hybrid work models.

That data used to create our RMV algorithm is a mix of our own marketplace data and government-based agency’s measure of labor and statistics.

How should I use my Real Market Value range results?

The tool available for you here will result in a pay range. That range speaks to the lows and highs based on your skill and location. Technology professionals that have an active profile within the SkillGigs marketplace can request a more detailed report that gets into specifics such as tenure. Use the RMV range result as a barometer. It’s a pressure check for your market to understand what realistically you should be placing your bids at. Bids, in SkillGigs, is your opportunity to connect on active gigs. Individuals in the marketplace can also expect to receive bids directly from employers. When pay expectations align from the start, a strong match occurs. 

How can I get more detail on my Real Market Value?

For starters, create your tech professional profile on [sign up here]. List all your key skill listings to support the development of a clearer, detailed RMV report. With a profile, you can submit a request for further customized RMV.

What skills are a part of the RMV?

SkillGigs today is a talent marketplace focused on highly skilled professionals in the technology and healthcare professions. This RMV tool is loaded with real-time results for the key skill sets the marketplace is optimized for. If you don’t see your skill set as an option, select ‘other’ and submit a request.