SkillGigs Digital | Referral Program | 10 People, $100

SkillGigs Digital Referral Program

Invite Your Talented Friends to Our Gigging Community

REFER 10, GET $100

Not just 10 of anything – but 10 talent tech or digital professionals looking to earn more and match with gigs, while avoiding pesky recruiters.

SkillGigs Digital Referral Program or our “invite a friend” is simple: for every 10 professionals that signup and complete a profile to at least 75% completion, thanks to your referral, you will get a nice ‘thank you’ from us. And our ‘thanks’ is in the form of money!

Why do we have a referral program? Because there is power in connections and networking. Two of the underlining benefits of joining a talent network. SkillGigs is based in making strong fit connections between you and employers. And we’d be delighted to increase our community based off those already engaged.

Follow the steps below by using the ‘invite a friend’ feature in your SkillGigs Dashboard – and we’ll do the rest. Make sure to login into your own account and engage with bids. The more active your profile, the more active bids you will receive.

New to SkillGigs? No worries, sign-up today and you can still participate.

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  • Fill out your own SkillGigs Profile, so you know how it works
  • Click on ‘invite a friend’ near the top right corner and submit names and emails of contacts
  • As soon as you’ve provided 10 contacts who sign-up AND complete profiles to at least 75%, you will receive a $100 bonus via Visa Gift Cards (aka no taxes)
  • And for every 10 people you’ve referred with 75% completed profiles, you will continue to earn $100
  • It’s always more fun with friends around
  • We’re talking the potential of $1,000s of extra dollars
  • We think you deserve it – get to earning!

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Disclaimer: SkillGigs has the opportunity to connect all sorts of talented professionals to top gigs. This sign-on bonus is currently only available for our users in our SkillGigs Digital marketplace looking for tech, IT, engineering or digital marketing roles as a W-2 contractor, not a SkillGigs corporate employee or healthcare professional.