Do You Know Your Worth?
Advice for Talent & Job Seekers

Do You Know Your Worth?

Salaries are the biggest kept secrets when it comes to your workplace. While some companies fear the competition that will pay more for the talent they want, other companies often underbid talent that deserves higher pay. Not surprisingly, long-standing employees find themselves making less, due to a lack of awareness of the market’s going rate.

All too often, talent is left in the unknown, because they simply don’t have the grounds to determine their pay. On the flip side, employers hire on the cheaper side, meaning their quality of talent may be diminished and turnover is inevitable.

We’re excited to share…it doesn’t have to be this way!

Know Your Worth

Just because you have an idea for your worth and know what it costs for your standard of living, doesn’t mean employers will get you your magic number. They calculate based on a yearly budget – and it usually doesn’t account for that new car you want to buy. Bernard Marr puts it best in his article, “How Much Should I Get Paid? Check Your Market Value”– “Instead, employees should focus on value: both the value they bring to the company and their market value.”
And while you can go on all day long about your value, nothing can justify your asking price better than a Real Market Value calculation.

How do you figure out your Real Market Value, you asked?

Real Market Value Tool

Skillgigs is your one-stop shop, with Your RMV calculator and more here.

We keep talking about being prepared for their interview, but we aren’t just going to talk about it without helping you. When you understand your RMV, you are increasing your negotiating power by educating yourself for the real-time demand for your skills and experience.

Skillgigs provides a Real Market Salary Report that helps you have a real-time analysis based on actual demand and supply data for your specific skill sets and its customized per individual based on experience and location. The calculation is based on 4 main factors: the title of the job, your experience level, your skill sets, and location.

Not only does Skillgigs help with determining the most real-time RMV, but it also proves these values through the live gigs in the marketplace. Every day, employers like Facebook, Amazon, and Yahoo are posting their open positions and the going rate that they would pay. While you may not actively be looking, it doesn’t hurt to know what else is out there and what your colleagues may be making.

Are you interested in learning your real market value? Or do you trust employer is paying you fairly? Check out our Real Market Value here!