Employer’s 5 Tips for New Hire Success
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Employer’s 5 Tips for New Hire Success

Starting a new job can be a rough experience. 1st impressions are at every corner, knowledge for the actual company is severely disadvantaged compared to people who already work there & the newbie spends all day shadowing/overloading themselves with information. As the person that hired them – you stand waiting, wondering if you made a good decision with your hire. While I am sure you made an excellent choice, here are my tips for onboarding to guarantee success.

  • Simple – but often forgotten, make your office or department aware that a new person will be coming on board. Describe to your current employees what the new person was hired for and how each of them can assist in providing training. Even further, make sure your current employees have cleared space on their schedules to go over company processes and educational materials. This way, they can prepare to make room in more than one way.
  • Make your planning for the new hire a 1st priority. They usually don’t know exactly what you need, until you have provided direction. Inc. even said in their “Building an Onboarding Plan” article, that your planning should start at recruitment. You may not even know who the individual is yet! I suggest compiling a folder that contains training materials, company info and policies, overviews of your services, a hierarchal description of the office, and any legal documents they should be aware of. Tech companies, especially, should include any tutorials and login credentials to tools and software the newbie will be driving. This enables you to send the new person materials prior to their start date, so as not to overload them on the first day & to prove your company’s commitment to employee success.
  • Start bonding ASAP. Aside from the awkwardness of being the new person, your new hire is probably looking for a fresh start with a group of motivated individuals. It’s an undeniable fact that coworkers gel in the workplace, when they get along and maintain the “work hard, play hard” mantra. Set up lunches, cocktails & gatherings to guarantee a healthy amount of time is spent on company bonding. The hard work will naturally follow, if you have a good egg.
  • Schedule regular briefings with the new hire. I would say initially, every other day, schedule mini meetings just to re-cap what they are learning. Suggest who to meet with, how to approach some parts of training, just to ensure they are on the right track. Moving forward, create weekly meetings to plan execution for what you hired them for. The meetings then inherently can be used for evaluating the execution.
  • Be ready to work with an eager beaver. So as to make a good impression, new hires typically want to jump into action & immediately start work on the bigger projects. To satiate their interest, include short and long term goals for their position in your onboarding planning. While they grow into the position, and gain authentic background for the company, your new hire will be strategically training themselves to build up to the bigger projects.

The tips overviewed are pretty straightforward & if you’re a successful company, then you are probably already using most of these methods. However, with the current tech shortage & high turnover – it’s never a bad idea to audit your process. Keep an open door, plan well, and manage the fluidity of working with a new person.

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