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10 Tips to Landing Your Dream Career

“Where do I begin?”

Those sentiments express our most prominent thought when it comes to taking action and trying to land that dream job. All the details of the dream may be worked out, except for that pesky part of how to start down the path. Of course it is one foot in front of the other. Of course it is one step at a time. But what is the first one? And how many are there? It leaves us feeling paralyzed and helpless.

While the pursuit of every job looks different, some personal development along the way always looks the same. So while some of the steps along the path here may not be as practical as you’d like, these life changes and ‘aha’ moments are vital checkpoints in the journey to your dream job:

  1. Vision.  What do you want to do? This question may seem too obvious, however, a diluted dream may lead to you getting the job you thought you wanted and then finding out this isn’t what you had in mind at all. Try to be specific about your dream. Instead of vague, blanket statements like, “I want to be a developer,” think about what kind of projects you’d like to work on and what types of companies most interests you. Dream big but see clearly!
  1. Foresight.  How do I get there? After all, if it were easy to see the proper steps to take, you likely would have done it some time ago. Some things to think about are the educational requirements, work experience, and leadership qualities necessary for your career choice. Conversations with those already part of the field in which you hope to be are invaluable in learning these steps. To help with foresight, We help guide you through the necessary steps to pursuing that job you’ve always wanted. (Learn More Here) Think of our tools as a trail guide through the thick crowds of people fighting for your same jobs. But we lead you straight there…
  1. Focus/Discipline.  After understanding what steps must be taken, stay focused on the prize! This may require momentary sacrifices for more meaningful satisfaction. So take that night class even though it means you can’t go out on Thursday night. Volunteer to get experience in the field even though it means you can’t watch your favorite Netflix show every night. Let your desire drive you to discipline. It leads to your dream.
  1. Persevere.  Your dream job is not a frozen dinner that can be placed in the microwave for two minutes and is then ready to go. Your dream job is so much more meaningful than that! And the way this life works is that the more meaningful something is, the more we have to work for it. So persevere through the speed bumps and delays. Encountering obstacles is the evidence that you are chasing down your dream!
  1. Risk.  Every dream requires risk taking. It means putting yourself out there to failure or rejection. Take courage! Without risk there is no reward! So place yourself in those situations that make you uncomfortable. Even failure can bear fruit that leads to success if you take the time to learn from it.
  1. Growth.  To achieve your goal, it is likely that you need to grow. A crawling caterpillar must go through a metamorphosis before it becomes a flying butterfly.  You, too, will likely have to grow in order to reach the heights to which you desire to ascend. So take a class, read a book, and do research regarding the field. Seek advice from others and pursue experienced wisdom. Your dream reaches the sky, so you have to grow to get there!
  1. Humility.  Don’t act like you know it all or don’t need anyone’s help. As discussed before, you need to grow. You need the knowledge of people who have gone before you. Just think of how many lessons you can learn from others about pursuing a dream or working in a particular field. In some ways, the more people you talk to, the more lives you live. So live a bunch and learn from them! You will have wisdom and knowledge beyond your years.
  1. Confidence.  Just because you should be humble doesn’t mean you can’t be confident. The two are not mutually exclusive. Humility allows you to learn.  Confidence allows you to act. Confidence allows you to lead. Humility allows you to lead well. So confidently take risks and interview for positions remembering you still have room to grow.
  1. Kindness.  Some people achieve their dream while leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. This is more of a nightmare than a dream, for to achieve a dream and be alone seems to render the achievement useless. As you pursue your dream job, remember that each person you interact with is a person. He or she is not some obstacle to be overcome or a tool to be used. They have value and worth, dreams and desires, just like you. Remember, your character is worth more than your career.
  1. Creativity.  A lot of times, to set yourself apart, a creative solution or presentation does the trick. Many people complain, though, saying they “aren’t creative.” Creativity is more than coloring a picture. Think of it like seeing the world uniquely. Each of us has passions in life and perspectives on life. Think of creative ways to share those. Perhaps a well-told story illustrates a character quality for a job interview. Perhaps a well-designed resume sets itself apart. Maybe a new solution to an old problem gets you noticed.  Let us see the world through your eyes!

All of that said, we are here to help you along every step of the process, and to make landing your dream job easier. Join us, and let us show you how to live a life you’re proud of!