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thank you nurses

Happy National Nurses Week from SkillGigs!

SkillGigs is honored to service the healthcare industry and to celebrate Nurses Week 2022. We are grateful to work on a day-to-day basis with the best nurses and healthcare professionals in the country.   

Our SkillGigs internal team took the time to share a few words to show their appreciation for all nurses who keep this world a better and healthier place. We hope these messages make you smile and remind you that you are acknowledged and celebrated for all you do. Happy National Nurses Week!

“In my role, I get to see nurses flourish each day in new roles. When I get feedback that they are ‘200 percent happy,’ it fuels me to work harder for them. These nurses are dedicated and passionate. Thank you” Senior Marketplace Manager Mary McArthur 

“All the nurses we work with are dedicated and passionate about their work. I have also noticed that they are all family driven. No matter what life offers them in the heat of circumstances, despite various odds in their life, they continue to show up to work with a giant smile & warm heart. This motivates and thrills me to support them in every best possible way. I genuinely believe that appreciation is the best recognition and accomplishment one can achieve at work & helping these noble heroes is a real reward.” – Healthcare Relationship Manager Jade Rathour   

“I don’t take what I do lightly. I understand the amount of pressure, and responsibility nurses are given at their jobs. Therefore, I take the time to get to know my nurses and understand their wants/needs to ensure that they are happy where they decide to go. I am proud to be able to contribute a tad bit to their nursing career.” Healthcare Relationship Manager Alex Singh  

“Working for SkillGigs has given me the chance to meet some extraordinary nurses. Assisting my nurses and feeling their smiles through a phone call or email gives me pride. Not all heroes wear capes; some wear scrubs.” Healthcare Relationship Manager Charlotte Methuselah   

“Being part of a nurse’s career is rewarding. I get to meet and work with nurses from all walks of life and at various stages of their careers. Most importantly, I get to assist them from the time they are interested in a job to getting their job and everything in between. Nurses are truly the heart and soul of healthcare.” Market Manager Samantha Salinas   

“I thoroughly enjoy this company because of the people I work with and for. I take considerable pride in knowing that we can provide nurses with a simpler and more effective way to land a job. Nurses are busy working long hours, saving lives, and putting smiles on patients’ faces. I am glad we get to put a smile on their face to return just a bit of what they give daily.” – Healthcare Division President Bryan Groom 

From your entire SkillGigs Team, thank YOU!