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Top 5 Ways To Waste Less Time Hiring & Hire Top Talent

If you want to hire top talent it can be a consuming process. Seriously, it can take forever if you don’t have a game plan in place. Time, money and commitment are all needed to hire top talent, and if it’s not done properly, can be more of a burden than anything. That said, we’d venture to say it’s one of, if not the most, important parts of owning and growing a successful business.

You need to get your hiring process right the first time around. With the pressure of finding the perfect employee comes a hefty investment. Not only do you need to get the word out there about your opening, but you need to source candidates and go through all the legal stuff to bring them on board.

This means reading through hundreds of resumes, scheduling interviews, conducting interviews, conducting follow-up interviews, all while sourcing new candidates as you’re doing these things, and starting the process over. It’s a vicious cycle that can use all the time savers you are able to implement.

While our 24/7 Online Job Marketplace takes care of all these things for you, here are a few time saving tricks you can use to hire top talent:

Nail Down An Exact Job Profile

Too many companies don’t take the time to write out the exact job requirements, and often don’t get consensus from other key players on their team before posting the job. On top of that, most companies don’t list ‘must have skills’. Instead, they create a really broad job description with both required & desired skills, which then leads to losing out on amazing candidates.

Not only will you receive hundreds of applications from unqualified candidates when you don’t have a complete and refined job profile, but when other people at your company aren’t aligned you’ll likely end up backtracking. And no one likes to backtrack. Nail this down beforehand and you’ll prevent wasted time sourcing candidates who aren’t the right fit, or even worse, having to re-post the position with a different job description.

Power Through The Applications

It can be tempting to divide the reading of hundreds of resumes and cover letters into bite size increments throughout your week, but we can speak from experience that this isn’t the most efficient use of your time because things always come up and distract us. Instead, we recommend blocking out a few days to power through them all. This can save you weeks of wasted time getting pulled away and distracted by other responsibilities. We take this a step further and only let the best pre-vetted talent apply for your position. Here’s how.

Conduct Phone Interviews With Strategy

When you have 20 phone interviews lined up for the day, it’s important to get through them efficiently. You can do this by starting with the most important questions that will help you gauge whether or not the candidate is the right fit. If after the second question you know they aren’t going to make it to the next round of interviews, you can politely end the call early, freeing up time in your schedule for other important tasks.

Test Their Skills

Interviewing doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Before your in-person interview, assign a simple task for them to complete so you can see the quality of their work. This will help you quickly gauge if they’re going to be the All-Star employee you’re looking for. There’s nothing more costly than finding out they’re not as skilled as you thought they were after you’ve hired them.

Our 3D Resume and Skill Listing Tools help you save even more time in this area. We require our talent to build their skill listing and 3d resume in such a way that you as an employer can tell within 10 seconds or less if they are a fit. You can interview with confidence and waste less time.

Don’t Stretch Things Out

When you’re dealing with schedules of multiple people, it’s tempting to space out interviews. Bad idea! This can stretch the hiring process out over a month’s time frame. Instead, schedule interviews with all candidates over a 2 or 3 day period. This not only keeps the process from drawing out, but it keeps each candidate fresh in your mind so you can make a more informed decision on who is the best fit for the position.

Our interview scheduler takes away the pain of scheduling interviews. We’ll help you coordinate with ease.

Don’t “Sleep On It”

While you shouldn’t make a decision in haste, you certainly shouldn’t sleep on it. This is typically our way of putting things off. Schedule time to sit down and think critically about who will be the perfect fit for the job. Sleeping on it only draws the process out, wasting your time and theirs. Make an informed decision and take action on it.


Every second counts, so thinking through ways to streamline your hiring process and save valuable time can ultimately impact the growth of your business. As a business owner, your goal should be to use every second wisely.

Our 24/7 Online Job Marketplace cuts through the clutter, and implements years of research and experience to help you source the best talent in the shortest time possible. Helping you save money and grow your business faster.

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