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WHY You Should ONLY HIRE People Looking For Their DREAM Job

Okay, so this may seem like a pretty bold statement, but hear us out. When you’re hiring for your startup, you want people committed to your company. People who will stick around for the long haul and truly believe in what you’re doing. Not only will it propel your company forward faster, but it makes the workplace a better environment for everyone. Especially you!

So, when you’re hiring people and looking for the perfect candidate, here are a few signs you should look for in people to ensure they’re trying to land their dream job:

First, they have the hunger in their eyes. Upon first sight you can tell almost immediately if this individual is just looking for something to fill their time, or a true career they can be proud of. No matter their position in life, whether just out of college or a seasoned professional, when the drive for something more is there, you can see it. This is your first sign.

The second sign is how they respond to your questions. Are they cut & dry, fumbling over their answers? Do they spin their response to make themselves sound better than they really are? Is there a hint of doubt in their voice? If you answered yes to any of these, a red flag should go up immediately. When on the hunt for their dream job, a candidate will have full confidence in their ability to move your business forward.

Third, what is their passion? Aside from their skill level, what drives them? Are they driven by the desire to do something in-line with your vision and mission? How do their interests fit into your company, and the service/product you provide? Many people looking for their dream job try to find companies that align with their personal mission. Everyone has their own personal mission in life, and if theirs is similar to yours, it’s likely they’re on the hunt for a job they’ll stay at for the long haul.

Fourth, are they willing to learn? Without asking this straight up, you can gauge their willingness to better themselves. While they’re looking for their dream job, they may not be fully qualified for the position. Anyone who’s looking for a lifetime career, and isn’t qualified, is willing to learn. Both on their own and with the assistance of the company and/or school.

Lastly, how much do they know about you and your company? See, a dream job to talent is about more than a high paying salary and the ‘skill set’ needed for the job. It’s about working for a company, and with a team, they can stand behind. If they know everything there is to know about your company from the resources available (website, social media, press, etc.) – then they are likely what you’re looking for. It means they are truly interested in YOU. Not just the pay, and the position, but working for you and your company. It’s something they’ll take pride in.

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