5 Secrets Every Hiring Manager Should Know
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5 Secrets Every Hiring Manager Should Know

Hiring isn’t an easy task. As a hiring manager, recruiter, or boss, you have the responsibility of hiring top talent and finding a quality candidate who fits in with your team and excels at their work. The responsibility that falls on you is huge. The last thing you want is to hire someone who isn’t the right fit. Who doesn’t mesh with the team, isn’t qualified, or even worse… is the squeaky wheel that holds your team and company back.

We’ve shared countless top talent hiring top talent & interview tips, but we have yet to share our hiring secrets. The ones we hold close and have used to grow companies from single-person teams to thousands of employees around the world.

We’re sharing them with you because we want YOU to have the success we’ve had. You deserve to hire people who are the PERFECT fit. It makes your job easier, moves your company forward, and makes your work environment enjoyable.

Keep these 5 Hiring Secrets top of mind as you’re hiring top talent and on the search for the perfect fit.

When they understand and know your mission, they’re likely a good fit.

This basically tells you if they did their homework or not. Did they actually research your company and learn your mission & vision? Knowing this shows a genuine interest in YOU and your company. What’s especially important here is that they not only know it but that they are aligned with it. When a potential hire believes in your mission as much as you do, they will likely be perfect for your company.

They “get” social media.

Okay, so this one doesn’t have to be a requirement, but social media has become such an important piece of business at every level (customer service, product development, internal communication, etc.) it’s important for any new hire to ‘get’ it. And by that, we don’t mean they need to be a pro by any means, or a social media marketer, but they should understand how to use social media and why it’s important for the growth of a company.

They make an offer.

We love it when people are proactive. You may not be expecting them to make an offer right out of the gate, but when someone is so passionate about working with you they try to strike a deal right, that’s a good sign. When they lay it all out on the table and step out of their comfort zone, take them up on it or circle back with a fair offer yourself. We oftentimes find when you step out of your comfort zone and do things out of the ordinary, the best things happen.

The task test, building the toy.

Stay with us on this one, it’s a little out of the ordinary, but it totally works. Go to Target (or someplace similar) and get a Lego toy set for the age group 3-4. During the interview give this toy to the person you’re interviewing and ask them to build it. This exercise will reveal a lot about their character and problem-solving skills. Here’s the kicker, the toy has very simple instructions that come with it. So simple, a 3 or 4-year-old can understand them. However, many times the applicant won’t use the instructions, thinking they can just build it on their own. They may get frustrated, or even walk out… yup, we’ve seen people walk out because of it. In the end, you’ll learn so much about the person just through their actions and how they react.

To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late.

Did your candidate show up on time? Or did they show up respectfully early? This will likely be your first sign of whether or not they’re a good candidate. For every situation in life, it’s always better to be a little early than even one minute late. Now, of course, this mindset doesn’t have to be an end all be all, however, you don’t want to hire someone who’s late to their interview. When life happens, they should call and give you a heads up. Too often employers overlook this simple mindset, and they’re stuck with an employee who’s late to meetings and delivers projects outside of their deadline.