How To Attract Top Talent With Your Company Culture
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How Your Company Culture Can Attract Top Talent

Competition is a normal part of doing business, especially if you’re in a hot industry. And we’re not talking about your product or service, but how you attract top talent and keep all-star employees. It all revolves around making them feel like they’re a part of something special. We’ve all heard and read the stories about these huge tech giants who have crazy perks in their offices. It seems most tech companies these days are trying to emulate that ‘cool’ factor in the workplace. And for good reason!

Plain and simple, company culture is important. It sets you apart from your competitors in terms of how job seekers perceive you as an employer. It gives your company identity. Your reputation as an employer, which is heavily influenced by your company culture, helps potential candidates decide if they should even send in an application in the first place.

So what defines your company culture? Do you know your reputation as an employer? If not, you don’t have to look elsewhere. Sit down with your employees and talk to them. Learn about their wants and needs, and about their opinions of your company. Find out what they enjoy and what makes them want to stay. Also, use this opportunity to discuss any complaints and points for improvement. Match what your employees say to the company’s goals, vision and brand persona.

This information can help you identify characteristics of your company culture, specifically, what it currently is and what the company was designed to be.

SkillGigs CEO, Kashif Aftab, recently took our team to Vegas as a fun and different team-building exercise. We just went for a day, and it was awesome, as you can see from the image above. For some, this may be an extreme example, and for others maybe not. However, this fun company culture idea can be implemented no matter what stage you’re at.

You don’t need to take a day trip to Vegas, but you can do something fun and exciting. It’s all about getting out and doing something together. Just find something your team enjoys doing, and get out and do it!

You’ll find this not only builds the unity of your current team, but it gives you the opportunity to use these fun company culture events as sales points when attracting new talent. As a hiring manager (or business owner), highlighting these moments will help you establish your company as an employer with a great culture, making you more attractive to top talent. On top of that, by highlighting your unique personality, you can attract top talent AND like-minded people who share the same interest and values as your employees, which will, in turn, promote better synergy and eventual output.

If you feel you need a little help in this area, here are a few insights to get you on track:

Be consistent.

Develop your company culture based on your company’s vision. Don’t ‘do’ what is popular just to be attractive, especially if it is counterproductive to your end goal. Remember that just because a culture is not attractive to most doesn’t mean it is not attractive at all. For example, if your company is heavily dependent on output, your company culture might be one that is results-oriented, where your team encourages one another to reach their goals. The stressful and high-paced environment might not be attractive to most people, but that’s good. It weeds out people who are not qualified for a job in your company and attracts the workhorses who thrive in this work environment.

It’s not just about the money.

Okay, salary really does play a big role in how attractive a job opportunity is, but it’s not as critical as you may think. Whether people want to admit it or not, the decision to stay or leave boils down to an individual’s fit in the company culture. Quite often people leave a company because they don’t feel they fit in, and they aren’t enjoying their time at work. They need to align with the company values, and how they’re treated there. The responsibility here lands on the leaders of the company. As a leader, you need to find ways to make your employees feel welcome, like a part of the team, and that they can be themselves.

Advocacies and beliefs.

It’s one thing for a company to say they care about the community, and it’s another thing for them to actually act on it. How is your company implementing awareness and action to your specific advocacies? If you want to be known as an eco-friendly company, what actions are you doing to promote this? You can’t just say you believe in a certain cause just to attract top talent, and not act on them. Implement programs that align with your values & passions. For example, don’t just sponsor eco-friendly events, practice them in your office by recycling and promoting segregation.

Do Awesome Things.

Just as we took our trip to Vegas, you can do awesome things with and for your employees as well. If you can afford it, surprise them with a random trip to the beach, or a cool city. If you have a lower budget, take them to a local event they’d all find interesting, celebrate a season together, or just go to the movies!

It all boils down to doing things that are important to your team. Your company culture defines you more than numbers and figures. It will be the main thing that helps attract top talent and keeps your best people. Don’t take it lightly, because it will directly impact the success of your company. If there is no clear company culture, just look around, go back to the company’s roots and speak with your employees.

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