How Recruitment is Changing with AI (Part 2)
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How Recruitment is Changing with AI (Part 2)

This May, we started to dive the hottest topic in HR: AI and its impact on talent evaluation.

This month, we want to take it a step further…and understand AI within Recruitment as a whole.

With that said, here are 4 ways Recruitment is Changing With AI.

  1. SHRM sites our very own method to the madness, by explaining AI helps recruiters skip the tedious step of qualifying passive candidates.

While some tools look for signals to determine whether or not talent would be open to new opportunities, our own technology targets top talent and offers them personal branding, marketplace, and other resources. This encourages the talent to activate a skill listing and tell employers they are active. To sign up and view active talent, who were previously passive – check out the marketplace here.

Anyone in the business of finding top talent knows, passive job seekers are highly sought after, given the nature of their experience and skill sets.

  1. Something that is often under-rated, but should be recognized is AI’s ability to automate scheduling.

HR Dive shares that “It can determine open times, suggest options and put candidates quickly on track to interview, saving HR from playing phone tag with hiring managers and speeding up the hiring process.”

Within the Skillgigs app, we help make the conflicts of scheduling go away, with our internal scheduling tool. Employers can review, communication and schedule an interview all from one place in the skill listing – since we know this drives up submission to interview and interview to hiring goals.

  1. AI in recruitment is making the competition in the race for talent that much more competitive. CNBC’s article suggests several interviewing tools such an AI video tool allows candidates to interview whenever and wherever. Tools like facial recognition, confidence detection and other subconscious level ratings help recruiters make quick, data-based decisions.

More so, we find within our own AI interviewer, candidates are preparing accordingly for interviews, and prepping so that they can come across more professionally and competitive. The talent themselves are becoming more competitive because of these AI tools!

  1. Timing, hello!! Starting with the most important way AI is impacting recruitment, CIO shares that it is “shortening up the hiring window.

Nothing kills deals like time and that’s where AI is seriously cutting down on, time. Chatbots, interviewers, screening tools, scheduling systems. Hiring is now as simple as 1.2.3.

The fame companies of the world, like Facebook and Amazon, have literally shared with us the astronomical number of hires they plan to make this year and the years to come. Meeting deadlines for these hires is how these tech giants get to where they are.

Meaning, if you have a shot as expediting the hiring process, you take it!

We know our employers are constantly hiring for the top talent of the world. We make their jobs quicker and more efficient with our pre-screened talent matching and 3D skill density analysis – helping recruiters make more informed decisions about who to consider for their roles.

To check out our patented skill density analysis, sign up here to view live talent. Simply post a gig and matches will populate in your dashboard for you to view their 3D analyses.