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5 Simple Rules On How to Hire Great People

You want the best people out there to work for your business/company. While this is the ideal, it is at times difficult to find great talent. Perhaps the some recent hires have not panned out as expected. It would be nice if there were a quick guide to sailing through the treacherous waters of the hiring process to landing on the shore of high quality employees. With that said, here are some helpful tips on how to hire great people for your company:

1. Hire people with character and skill over experience.

Just because someone has a lot of experience in a particular field does not mean they are the best fit for your workplace. Experience does not equal drive, hunger, or passion. Experience does not equal certain skills like organization and communication. Experience simply means that someone has done something for some time.

It is true, an experienced individual may be more equipped for the job, but it is not an automatic decision. Experienced people could be burnt out. They could be set in their ways or cynical about the changing industry.

Instead of leaning so heavily on experience, look for potential employees with great character. They will work hard for you and deal honestly with your clients. Conflict will be handled in an appropriate fashion and assignments will be completed on time. Look for potential employees who possess the skills you desire but may have been used in other sectors. Perhaps they were in art school but have no advertising experience. Think about giving them a shot. Maybe an English teacher might be the perfect fit for the communications department. Those with character and transferable skills can be great hires. Don’t be deceived by a lack of experience.

2. Give them an on the job test.  

Instead of only asking them questions in an interview room, put them to work. Give them a mock assignment to complete and observe how they work. Perhaps place them with their potential future team for a day to see how they interact with the other members with whom they will be working. In doing so, you get a better gauge of how they work. Actions speak louder than words. So instead of having them only tell you how they work, give them an opportunity to show you.

3. Have other people in on the interview/hiring process.

It is wise to have multiple sets of eyes and ears in the interview room when deciding on a hire. In particular, it is of great benefit to have a few members of the team the new hire will be working with give their input on the potential coworker. After all, they are the ones who will have to work with the person everyday.

  • Do they like what they see?
  • Do they perceive the interviewer as compatible with and beneficial for their team?

Their insights into the dynamics of the team give them a great rubric by which to measure the potential hire. Listen to their input. In so doing, not only will you be able to hire the best person for the job, but you also show you trust your current employees by giving them some ownership of the hiring process. Happy workers make happy bosses.

4. Hire people who are better than you.  

This may be abrasive for some who have huge egos. The reality is that the more talent you have in your company, the greater chance of success and growth your company will have.  So do not be afraid to hire those who are more skilled than you.

As a team, you will build something great. Synergy will take affect. More will be accomplished by fewer people. To only hire those who are inferior to your skill level is a recipe for a stagnant business. You want to thrive. So hire the best people you can, even if they are better than you. When the company succeeds, everyone succeeds.

5. Fight for quality.  

There are times where a business is in desperate need of talent. The temptation is to settle for an employee who isn’t ideal but will work. After all, you need a body to work and they have one. Avoid this at all costs. Fight for quality. To hire a less qualified individual is tempting, especially when there is a great need within the company.

But do everything you can to not give in. Seek creative solutions that can tie things over until the right person comes along. Pursue internal solutions for a time. Network to find the perfect fit for the needs of your company. Chase after quality.  Though it may be illusive at times, it is worth fighting for in the end.

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