How to Hire Nurses in a Hiring Shortage
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How to Hire Nurses in a Hiring Shortage

Hiring new nurses during a nursing shortage can feel like an impossible task.

On top of facing obstacles such as nurse burnout and low nurse to patient ratios, hospitals and facilities also have difficulties dealing with pay, supervisor/nurse relationships, and trouble retaining millennials.

These problems aside, the demand for skilled nurses remains as significant as ever.

It’s the responsibility of organizations like you to establish successful strategies for nurse recruitment and to retain your nurses after they’ve been hired.

How to cultivate a compelling nurse recruitment strategy

If you’re hoping to hire and retain nurses, you must incorporate a reliable strategy that appeals to top nurses, and retain them after hiring them.

Provide a Clear Path for Career Advancement

Many millennials view changing jobs as a guarantee for advancing their careers. By establishing your company as a place that fosters growth and a feeling of value in the nurses, employees will be confident in the option of taking steps forward without having to leave the company.

If you can, grant access to the resources that will enable that growth. This can entail anything from education grants or continuing education courses, access to additional training and development opportunities, or mentorship programs. The more your nurses feel welcome to stay and grow with your company, the less turnover you’ll experience, and the more satisfied your nurses will be.

Reveal incentives

Just as Occam’s Razor suggests, the simplest solution is often the correct one. If you’re aiming to appeal to the most qualified candidates, informing them of the most competitive incentives will usually grant you a win. Incentives can include salary, benefits, and signing bonuses. However, try not to restrict your thinking to those incentives; show off your company culture, your company’s long-term vision, and your location.

It’s also a good idea for your company to advocate for your employees’ overall wellness. Because around one in four nurses suffer burnout at some point in their careers, ensuring the nurses you’ve hired have manageable patient ratios and aren’t getting overwhelmed is vital to nursing recruitment. Nurses need to have optimal mental and physical health, so as an employer, keeping a close eye on both kinds of health will allow you to retain your staff more effectively.

Work with Nursing Schools

If you’re a hospital with an established connection to a nursing school, you most likely already have a direct pipeline to qualified nurses. If a relationship with a school has not been created yet, it may be a good idea to as it can be a vital aspect of recruiting and training new nurses.

In addition to just partnering, your facility might be able to lessen the bottlenecks that happen within nursing education. It can be a mutually beneficial relationship that can make a world of difference in your nursing recruitment strategy.

Establish a collaborative culture

Most nurses, especially millennials, hope to feel like they have a place on their team, and feel their skills are valued. The benefits of a collaborative culture, beyond appealing to possible hires, allows for the growth of all the nurses on the team. More experienced nurses assist the new nurses in adjusting to the community and workplace realities, and the newer nurses bring information such as advances and research they learned of in college.

Be sure to encourage open-mindedness within your facility, and present that as an appeal to nurses you wish to recruit. The draw of a welcoming community that fosters growth can be the deciding factor in a nurse’s choice to work at your company.

Don’t shy away from technology

If you want to establish a solid strategy for nurse recruitment, incorporating technology is crucial. The majority of nurses (especially the millennial nurses) have been familiar with technology for most of their lives, so having a significant social media presence is an excellent way to keep your facilities relevant, and to display different aspects of your company culture.

Furthermore, investing in technology for your facility, whether it’s a hybrid operating room or a smart room, can aid in nurse recruitment. The opportunity to work with top-of-the-line equipment is appealing to many nurses, and presenting these features can effectively draw nurses in.

Retention isn’t the only area technology helps in; you can employ technology to make the process of finding qualified candidates easier. Relode’s, a crowdsourced model, along with other technologies, can allow your organization to come to the attention to top candidates, no matter where they reside.