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How To Hire Top Talent

Let’s face it, recruiting and hiring good people, actually great people, can be a challenge — and it’s getting more difficult by the day. With the growing opportunities to work for awesome startups or build your own business around sustaining freelance gigs, skilled employees are hard to come by and even harder to retain. Not to mention, unemployment for IT professionals is at 3%, which means it’s nearly impossible to find a top talent IT professional. Now more than ever it’s important for companies to hire a lean team that is motivated, engaged, creative, and driven. 

So, how do you hire an All-Star Employee in the 21st century? We’ll tell you one thing, it’s not by going to a job fair or posting on Craig’s List. This is the new age, and you need a new age system that adapts to the times.

With that, follow these steps and you’ll find your game changing employee sooner than later:

Create a System & Stick To It, Or Fail

First things first, you need to get organized. Your hiring process needs a system in place just like any other aspect of the business. This prevents potential candidates from ‘falling through the cracks’ when things get busy. Your system should be set up in such a way that anyone in your organization can follow it and hire a prospective employee based on it.

Don’t simply create a checklist of job requirements, skills and experience, then ask candidates irrelevant interview questions like “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” – This will increase your likelihood of hiring the wrong people. You need to first determine what your company’s culture and values are, and what type of people will fit well with your existing team. From there you can develop appropriate questions, use proper assessment tools, and follow a process for every candidate, regardless of the position they are applying for. Specific requirements will differ based on the type of job you are trying to fill, however the root of your system should be to gain insight into the person behind the resume. Exactly why we created our 3D Resume and Skill Listings. 

Invest Time Early On, Or Hunt Forever 

A “bad hire” doesn’t necessarily mean they are a bad employee, it’s more likely that they just aren’t the right fit for your organization, which is why the hiring process is so important. Invest time up front into hiring the right people and it will save you the money, time, and other resources needed to continue finding, interviewing, and training new hires. If you don’t take the time now, you’ll be ‘semi-looking’ forever.

Try to have multiple people interview the potential candidate, conduct various assessments based on the position or personality traits you are looking for, and always make sure to personally speak to all references (All of which our online job marketplace takes care of for you).

Sometimes an interview alone can’t determine whether an individual will fit well with a company, so you can try different things like a ‘working interview’ where the potential candidate is placed in realistic situations to see how well they perform. If possible, the Owner, CEO, or highest Manager available should conduct an interview. These individuals can usually spot the right candidate more easily than anyone else in the company.

Conduct The 3 C’s

Okay, we admit the 3 C’s may be a little cheesy, but believe us this little trick can help you source that employee you’ll fall in love with… in a professional kind of way. We know this because they are the foundation of our Online Job Marketplace, and have helped us place thousands of All-Star Employees with amazing companies. While we take care of these for employers on our platform, you can do your own little test too:

CAPABLE – Not only should your employee’s skill set be the perfect fit, but they should also show potential to go above and beyond. To contribute in creative ways that extend past their job requirements. On top of that, they should be capable to and willing to grow. They are humble enough to know there is room for improvement, and proactive enough to take initiative to learn and refine their skill set while attaining others.

CHARACTER – So, you’ve found the perfect candidate that has Michael Jordan esque skills in their niche, but they are arrogant, haughty and don’t align with your company’s culture in any way. This is a red flag you should stay as far away from as possible. Not only will they destroy the drive and productivity of other employees, but they will likely leave you for a higher paying job in less than a year. They’re not worth the trouble, no matter how skilled they are.

COMMITMENT – It’s nearly impossible to know how long an employee will stay with your company because a higher paying job will be appealing to most people. That said, this is something you can gauge in the early stages. By examining their drive, and the expectations they hold for themselves and others around them, you can determine how committed they’ll be. Are they go getters, doers and motivators? Are they looking for an ‘average’ job, or are they driven by a position that will give them an opportunity to grow with the company, and benefit them beyond their compensation? All questions that when examined thoroughly will refine your search.