7 Top Notch Ways To Spend Your Recruiting Budget
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Responsible for a Recruiting Budget? 7 Top Notch Ways to Spend Your Money

When it comes to bringing people on to your team, you want to have the best and brightest minds that can move your company forward and help it grow. With an abundant amount of talent and many companies going after them, it’s safe to say that competition is stiff when it comes to recruiting. If you’re on a budget for recruitment, no need to fear – here are some ways to make your dollars stretch and bring in fantastic talent.

Are you small? Being small can be a big advantage.

Although it may not seem like it at first, being small is actually a huge advantage. According to LinkedIn’s data in 2014 of professionals who switched jobs, people were more likely to leave large companies (500+ employees) for smaller ones. The main reason is people actually enjoy being at small companies because they care more about challenging work than money. They also liked the company’s overall direction, better compensation/benefits, culture fit, and ability to make an impact.

With this knowledge, it helps small teams to craft their job listings, employer branding, and outreach to potential candidates by letting them know how they’ll have a major impact and shape the company’s future while gaining skills that advance their career.

Employees = referrals

Referrals through existing employees are often the most reliable source of great talent. If a business has a great work environment in which their employees thrive and love coming to the office each day, especially on the dreaded Mondays, getting referrals should not be hard to do. Another good thing about using referrals is that these employees will be able to give an inside look at what it’s really like to be at a company, which is information that can’t be found on the website. Since this new individual is a referral, there’s a good chance that they would make a great addition to the team if an employee has been around them for a decent amount of time to observe their expertise and skills.

Social media is power.

With how connected the world is nowadays, social media is a powerful tool that can be useful for recruiting purposes and should not be overlooked. There are even certain Facebook groups like Social Media Jobs, Austin Digital Jobs, and Jobs in NYC that are focused on jobs and connecting employers with available talent. Twitter is also a great platform to post job listings and attract people who meet the requirements that you’re looking for.

Want to know the best part? This method is completely free with an extremely high response rate. Most of the time, people will tag their friends who they think are a good fit in the comments section, which expands your outreach to qualified candidates that have not known about it in the first place.

Networking events – be where the talent is.

Although this is an obvious one, networking events have the type of potential candidates you want for your organization. By putting yourself at these events and talking to as many people as possible, you’ll connect and meet a large range of talent without having to pay a hefty fee. It also helps with building a pipeline for future hiring needs.

Better job descriptions.

It gets very easy to fall into old habits and reuse job descriptions for new openings in order to save time, but you would be doing a disservice to yourself and your company. If it is not up-to-date with what candidates would be doing in that role, it will give them the wrong impression for what they’re signing up for. As time passes by, job responsibilities evolve and should be noted. Take the time to thoroughly evaluate and rewrite each job description prior to posting.

Employer branding can make or break your company.

Before candidates agree to an interview, they’re probably Googling everything there is to know about your company. Not only is this a good way for them to learn more about your company and all that it does, but it also sheds some light on what it is like to work there and plays a big factor in whether or not they want to continue on in the hiring process.

By making sure that your employer branding tells the right story on your company website and social media presence, it will make candidates think “wow, this seems like a really great place to be at.” Get creative and pull out all of the stops to go far and beyond.

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