How to Hire Like Google
How You Can Hire Like Google
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How You Can Hire Like Google

How You Can Hire Like Google: When it comes to finding the right candidate for a position, any successful recruiter knows that a candidate’s education does not coincide with their success.

Strong employees are multifaceted, and they don’t have one skill that defines their success. A recruiter needs a set of indicators to help recognize these important qualities in a person.

The tech giant Google is consistently looking for different ways to identify these key qualities. Since Google receives millions of applications yearly having a clear and concise hiring process is essential.

To continually improve their hiring process, they spend many hours in R&D in calibrating their hiring process. Even though your company might run at a smaller scale compared to Google, there are still many things that you can take away from their hiring process.

It’s Not All About Education

Just about a couple of years ago, Google placed graduating from an Ivy League University as a sign of qualified applicants. Surprisingly, Google has found that there is no clear indication that there is a correlation between an ivy league school and a successful team member. Grant it this having a degree from a top university isn’t a negative, but this does show that a successful career isn’t defined by your degree.

During the evaluation process be sure to focus on the candidate’s credentials, their skill set, and how they value growth of knowledge in their craft. Once you get a short list of candidates, be sure to learn about their strong points, the more that you spend getting to know the candidate past their resume the successful you are in placing top talent.

Vital qualities arise from growth and transformation

While personal losses are unfortunate and may lead to deep emotional trauma, studies have shown that these losses also affect the way people think. Some of the best employees, who are driven, attentive, and open-minded, may have suffered a deep personal loss. That being said, transformation often also occurs with the natural mental maturity and growth of a person and may arise from positive situations rather than traumatic ones.

The important thing to focus on here is that transformation is what fuels innovation and the development of better skills. By designing some unique questions and topics to discuss with your candidates, you could increase their interest as well as gain insight into their way of thinking.

The interesting factors behind successful teams

Often, when people think about building a perfect team, they tend to group together high achieving people with various skills. However, studies have found that the atmosphere of the team may actually matter more in the long run compared to the simple question of who is on the team. It is the way that the team members interact and the information that they are comfortable with sharing that makes or breaks a team.

After all, innovation is fueled by ideas, and ideas come from comfortable team members who feel safe to share their opinions without fear of embarrassment. If all team members feel comfortable with sharing their ideas and beliefs, it will drive collaboration and innovation through the roof. To find positive, uplifting team players, you should ask candidates to describe specific instances of achieving success with team members.

It takes a serious effort to find the right team members, but it’s worth every minute!

With a bit of research, before you even meet the potential candidates, your hiring process could be much more efficient. Rather than just listing required degrees and skills, also suggest additional attributes that fit your desired position for hire. Furthermore, plan unexpected questions or exercises to get insight into your candidate’s true personality and hidden strengths. Rather than focusing purely on skill, also look for candidates that exhibit open-mindedness and willingness to cope with change. While this extra effort may seem unnecessary or tedious, it is worth it to find your ideal team member