Is Recruiting-as-a-Service Right for You?
recruiting as a service
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Is Recruiting-as-a-Service Right for You?

When you have a job that you can’t fill, or objectives that your employees can’t meet, what do you do? Do you re-examine your job description and the job boards you’re subscribed to? Do you try to re-engage employee support in your referral program? Do you evaluate your career page and social media profiles for opportunities to improve and leverage your employer brand?

These are all important things to do when you are struggling to attract talent to your company, but what do you do when even these best practices fail to give you the talent you need?

You may have internal HR and/or recruiting professionals, but many start-ups and small businesses lack these resources and instead depend on hiring managers who have a whole host of duties to accomplish on top of the candidate search. Additionally, HR professionals working at larger companies may be spread thin and may not have the time or the resources to source a candidate who is up to your technical or senior roles.

When there is a backlog of unfinished work piling up and no qualified candidates in sight, most companies will turn to recruiting solutions to get them the candidate that they need. However, there has been an expansion in the type and scope of recruiting services, and it’s unwise for businesses with a dire need to hire to trust that one recruiting solution will be as good for their company as another.

Recruiting Solutions

Your company is a collection of individuals working toward common goals and, just like the other software and service solutions you use, there will be recruiting options that are more effective for your staffing efforts and your budget. Determining which solution will be best for your company will require complete knowledge of your hiring needs as well as the budget allocated for sourcing and hiring for your open job.

For starters, it is crucial that you select a recruiting solution provider who has experience in your industry and has experience filling your open job. Every industry has its own conventions and high quality candidates will be turned off from your job opportunities by recruiters who aren’t knowledgeable in your field.

Then, there’s matching your hiring needs and budget with a recruiting solution that will provide the resources necessary to make an effective hire. While staffing agencies employ a large number of recruiters who have access to their agency’s hiring resources, this model may be over-kill for many companies. The traditional staffing/recruiting agency price model charges clients a percentage of the salary of successfully filled positions (generally around 20%), making high salaried technical and senor positions a real hit to your budget. For instance, the average salary of a tech worker in this country is just over 90,000, and if you hired 5 of these professionals through an agency, the cost would be equal to the salary of employing a 6th tech worker.

Recruiting as a Service

Recruiting as a Services (RaaS) is a recruiting solution that is perfectly suited for start-ups, small businesses and any company that needs to make a tech hire without the large price-tag associated with other recruiting services. Small, midsized and newly created businesses may lack the resources to compete with industry giants for quality hires, but this recruiting solution helps to bridge that talent gap.

RaaS solutions offer the resources provided by staffing agencies, (applicant tracking, background checks, etc.) but, unlike these agencies, have dedicated recruiting experts for each client they engage. Agency recruiters are often sourcing for multiple clients at once, and this divided focus can translate into presenting candidates that aren’t as thoroughly vetted as you’d like.

RaaS solutions, however, take the burden of screening off of their clients by performing technical evaluations and interviews on the candidates they present to clients. This way, your job is merely selecting which qualified candidate is best for your company, instead of sorting through a mountain of “passable” resumes or double-checking that candidates have the skills they claim to. When speed is of the essence, and the hire needs to hit the ground running, Recruiting as a Service handles the extra work that is often passed onto clients by other recruiting solutions.

Unlike agencies, RaaS solutions are priced based on recruiting resources used, not a percentage of the candidate’s salary. Whether it’s paying for the hourly search efforts of your dedicated sourcing/screening experts or a per-week or month subscription, these pay-as-you go pricing models allow you to get the results you need without breaking the bank.

Recruiting as a Service is perfect for companies that want to make expert tech hires, but don’t have the recruiting capabilities of their global competitors. This recruiting solution ensures that clients can meet key objectives with strong, fully-vetted hires, without the high costs that are associated with other recruiting solutions.