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Five IT Careers without Starting Over

Let’s face it. Many people stay in the job they have today in fear of not wanting to start over. Starting over means challenging thoughts of self-doubt, risking potential income changes and managing the complexity of change. But it’s never too late to try something new, especially in IT careers. Conquer the day! Make it your year!  

With the rise technology, IT careers have never been more prosperous and plentiful. Did you know that in 2021 the technology industry was facing unemployment rates of less than 3% while new jobs were being added daily? Simply put, we might not have enough people to fill the roles needed for tomorrow. 

Here at Skillgigs, we think the notion of transitioning skills into new careers is just awesome. [Admittedly we have this really cool platform that lets you pitch skills you want to continue to hone, not just focus on the past… but we’ll get to that later.] Therefore, we have compiled a list of 5 skills that could help you transition into one of many digital and IT careers.  

  1. Administrative Assistant to Digital Marketing Assistant 
  2. Small Business Owner to a Project Manager 
  3. Retail to Help Desk/Customer Support
  4. Copywriter to a Content Marketer
  5. Finance to Data Analyst

Let’s break these down further: 

Administrative Assistant to Digital Marketing Assistant 

Every digital team has a suite of digital assistants and at their core, they must be strong communicators not just in verbal but as well as written. Strong communicators require attention to detail as well as listening skills. And if you think about the most critical executives in a company, their admin assistants are the organizational heartbeat to their day-to-day. Often times in charge of executive communications, administrative assistants are also leaders in making sure things run smoothly.  

Small Business Owner to a Project Manager 

The intersection of where strategy meets action is both the responsibility of a small business owner as well as project managers. Small business owners traditionally do not have a fleet of employees at their beck and call to get things done. So, this requires them to be organized, objective and strategic. And if deadlines aren’t meant that could make or break a business. Those are super vital skills for project managers, who are in charge of bringing to life the vision and strategy for a company’s products and services. 

Retail to Help Desk/Customer Support 

If you’ve worked in retail, then you know how to master the delicate balance of keeping your cool while handling challenging customers. And by challenging we mean the highly frustrated, confused, sometimes angry customers who bombard your day when you are already doing 10 other things. If you can manage that than you have the right soft skills that are extremely hard to train for. Therefore, retail is a great practice space for transitioning into help desk or tech support roles for companies. You will have to be open to training on a new product or technical system but your people-pleasing ways will ensure you’ll get to where you are going.  

Copywriter to a Content Marketer 

Now these two roles are naturally not too far off as both have a goal of producing the most compelling content to get to a desired end result. Traditional copywriters already understand what it means to work with an editorial calendar, deadlines and complex topics. And many have already had to dabble in the world of social media content and possibly web. It would just be a matter of exposure and possibly some online certifications to hone their craft into what it means to ‘write for web.’ We believe the skill of content is king so this is a solid transition to consider.  

Finance to Data Analyst 

Numbers. There are those of us who love them. And those of us who are perfectly comfortable having others handle them. And then there are some of us who wish we paid attention more in math class. So, if you have already pursued a career in finance – for the love of numbers – than you, are on a strong path towards being a data analyst. And with the way data is merging into all critical business applications, data analysts are finding career paths into chief information officer roles. No matter your finance role, if you can speak to the skills of data management, analysis, and interpretation of trends, then you’ll stand out amongst others apply for the same gig. [ps – if you are Skillgig user, make sure to add these to your skills list!

To conclude: 

Skills are no longer viewed as one dimensional – especially in IT careers. They are multifaceted and should be viewed as gateways to new thing possibilities. Roles in digital and tech are in fast demand – and growing. And those of us here at Skillgigs, would love to see you succeed down a path loaded with potential! 

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