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Our Secret Formula For Landing Your Dream Job

You’ve been job hunting for months and you’re getting no where. You’ve applied to countless job postings, re-wrote your resume 15 times, and even tried online training, but no one’s biting! To top it off, the jobs you’re applying for aren’t even your dream job. So what do you do? Did you know there is a secret formula to finding the perfect job?

The truth is that with the right tools, including our revolutionary secret formula, you can in fact land that job you’ve always wanted.

So finally we are telling all, and letting our secret formula out of the box so we can help out the masses. The formula is simple yet highly effective, and it goes like this:

(Strategic Resume + Knowledge of your Real Market Value) + (Sustained Level of Resume Submission Daily + Minimum Qty of Interviews) + Minimum 3 Job Offers = The Perfect Job

Now, you’re probably a little bit confused. That’s okay! We’re going to quickly bring it all together for you by explaining each element of this powerful formula.


(Strategic Resume + Knowledge of your Real Market Value)

Strategic resume stems from where everything starts. If you don’t have the right positioning in your resume, you won’t end up with the right job. Your skill density, job experience, and everything else on the resume should reflect the role you’re applying for.  Your resume also needs to be ATS (applicant tracking system) compatible.  You can read more creating the perfect resume by reading our previous post 9 Tips To Help You Organize Your Resume & Get The Gig. By the way you can create a perfect strategic resume using our 3D resume creation tool.

Knowledge of your Real Market Value is also critical. What are you worth? What kind of value will you bring to their company? What is your value in their specific area? Keep in mind, your RMV will change from state-to-state, and city-to-city. Understand what your value is and own it. This will either save you from being underpaid, or keep you from looking silly for asking for too much. This is the trickiest part to figure out, which is exactly why we built the RMV analysis tool to help with this.


(Sustained Level of Resume Submission Daily + Minimum Qty of Interviews)

In order to make a sale you need a pipeline. A lot of people are haphazard about applying to jobs, they only apply to a few here and there in hopes they’ll get a bite. But that’s not going to do anything for you. What we’ve found is that on a daily basis you should be pitching towards a minimum of 25 jobs. That is exactly what it takes to get you a job in a 1 month period.

Which leads to the next element (Minimum Quantity of Interviews). If you’re applying to an appropriate number of jobs, you’re going to be interviewing quite often, which is exactly what you want. You want a ton of interviews because you aren’t looking for only 1 job offer, you’re looking for a minimum of 3 (more on that below). So interview your butt off and don’t forget, interviews are a two way street. More interview tips here.

When you’re getting this many interviews, the tables are turned and you’re less desperate, more confident, and a little more picky. This confidence is a positive thing because you’re never going to land your dream job if you’re not interviewing the company as well. Are they the right fit for you? Would you love working there? These are important things you’ll be able to think about because your mind will be clear knowing this job isn’t your only option.


(+ Minimum 3 Job Offers )= The Perfect Job

From those interviews, come job offers. Our biggest piece of advice is to not always take the first job offer. In order to land your perfect job, you need to take time to weigh out your options, so you know what’s truly good for you and what’s not. Use your negotiating power to get the best deal, without being overly confident.

This is the perfect position to be in, for the perfect job. If you follow this formula, you will have a minimum of 3 job offers, giving you the freedom to choose the one that you really want.

Our 24/7 online job marketplace makes this process a whole lot easier for you. It’s built around our distinct formula that helps cut the time you invest into job hunting in half, so you can land your dream job quicker.

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