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4 Tips To Get Hired Fast

Generally, good things come to those who wait. While this principle is true, it is nice to find ways to decrease the waiting period, especially when it comes to getting hired. So what are some keys to getting hired fast? Below we’ll discuss four job searching tips that can help speed up the job search process:

Resume Writing/Branding.  

You must think of writing a resume as marketing yourself. After finding potential jobs, devote some time to finding out the precise skill set and experience they are looking for. Then tailor your resume in order to showcase how you have the proper skills, experience, and results. This allows you to market yourself in a way that appeals more to their needs, making the proposition of hiring you more attractive to them.

There is another important aspect to resume writing besides its content. The clarity with which the content is presented is vital to getting hired quickly.  The more easily your skills and achievements are noticed, the less turn around time there is in a company knowing if you fit their opening.

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Interview Coaching.  

The good thing about an interview is…that you got an interview! Your resume helped you get noticed and now it’s on to the next step of the hiring process.

The bad thing about an interview is…that it is an interview. Interviews can be stressful. Not to worry. Take the time to practice questions that you will likely be asked on the interview. Research and ask around as to what those questions might be. Preparation fights all those doubts of “what if” with a peace that you’ve put in the work necessary to give it your best shot.

Here are a few helpful tips on interviewing successfully.


We’ve all heard the phrase, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”  To some degree this is true. So take advantage of it. Let people know you are searching for a job. Ask about job openings at the places where friends and/or family work. Request that they keep their ears open for any job postings. Even when you are chatting with the check out person at a store or have a random conversation with a stranger at a coffee shop, if the opportunity arises let them know you are looking for a new job. A random connection may offer hidden doors you didn’t know existed. Through all sorts of connections you may be able to get an interview, and with the right connections get a shining recommendation that moves the hiring process along rapidly.

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Follow Up.  

Following up can look two different ways. If you have filled out an application but not yet received an interview, call the company around two weeks after submitting your application. This shows your initiative, desire for the job, and puts your name on their radar.

After being interviewed, a follow up can take the form of a thank you note to the interviewer, expressing thanks for the opportunity to interview and reasserting your desire to be with their company. It also keeps your name in their minds rather than getting lost in the shuffle.

All that said, our 24/7 Online Job Marketplace is a critical ally in getting hired quickly. Save yourself time by taking advantage of our professional resources and connections in your endeavor to find a great career.