New Employee Announcement Templates
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New Employee Announcement Templates

Welcome Your New Employee the Right Way

No matter what size your company, having a streamlined onboarding process is important to get new employees up-to-speed as soon as possible. A great way to do that is to have all new employee forms prepared ahead of time, as well as their responsibilities, and a welcome email for the rest of the team. You want to make sure your new employee feels welcome and the rest of the team is excited about his/her hire.

Sending a Welcome Letter to the New Employee

One of the first ways to welcome your new employee is through the initial welcome letter. This welcome letter doesn’t have to be overly emotional or cheesy, but just take some time to write one (or use a template) that simply tells them how excited you are to have them, bring some humor or fun into it, and hint at something that’s part of your company culture.

Bonus: Have your entire team or the department that the new employee is a part of sign the welcome letter to give it that personal touch. Also, think about giving them a welcome package with a new work computer and company swag.

New Employee Welcome Email

Another step to get your new hire setup is sending a welcome email. You can either send a personal email or send one that CC’s the rest of the team so they can add their own personal touch. This will help create a memorable Day 1 for the new hire.

You can even include images, animated GIFs or videos to make the email more interesting as well.

New Employee Announcement Sample

Having a new employee announcement template is important to help save you time as you continue to onboard new hires. But don’t forget to regularly update your new employee announcement template. It’s important to change these regularly as your company grows and the culture evolves.

Download your free copy of our new employee announcement template and welcome emails. This will be a great starting to point to help you get started.

New Employee Announcement Email Templates

In this New Employee Announcement package, we’ve also included a new employee announcement email. This is a great template that you can use as a starting point for the email introduction you use for your new hire. The example is a great way to avoid any awkward moments on your employee’s first day as he/she is being introduced to the rest of the team. Make sure to adapt the announcement email template to your company’s culture and tone.

New Employee Announcement Letter Samples (Customers and Internal)

One of the most awkward things is when you’re transitioning customers to a new account manager. Using a new employee announcement letter can solve that headache. In the linked packet of employee announcement templates, you’ll also find one for new customers. This is a straightforward email that introduces the new employee, their role, responsibility, and helps the customer get psyched to be working with them.