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November Healthcare Provider of the Month: Cindy

It’s tough finding a shining star out of so many shining stars.

Every month our nurses do an amazing job but only one can be the Healthcare Provider of the Month (HPoM). This month, Cindy G. has the honor of receiving our HPoM Award!

This month was actually filled with quite a few qualified candidates for this award. It was challenging; however, this month we honor Cindy G, an LPN who is currently working with us in Texas! She constantly puts in the hard work and we have taken notice. Keep reading to learn more about Cindy’s experience with Skillgigs and how she is enjoying her time with us.

Once selected, Cindy graciously gave us a brief interview about her time with us. Here’s what she had to say:

“My experience with Skillgigs has been a great one. I went to Colorado and the area was so beautiful and the staff was so friendly. I’m currently with Skillgigs in Texas at the moment as well. I would definitely recommend that nurses at least give Skillgigs a try once. It is the best company to try.”

Thank you Cindy for your encouraging words towards people looking to try out travel nursing. We are happy to hear that you have had such a wonderful experience as a travel nurse working with Skillgigs. Here’s what Healthcare Relationship Manager, Jennifer T., had to say about working with Wendy:

“Since I’ve been working with Cindy, she has been an exceptional nurse who has put in the effort and heart. She has successfully completed several contracts and I hope to work more with her. Her hard work has earned her the Healthcare Provider of the Month recognition. From the whole Skillgigs family, we thank you Cindy and I look forward to working with you more!”

Thank you to all the healthcare heroes working with Skillgigs. Cindy’s experience is just one of many that we hope to highlight monthly! Compassion and hard work will never go unnoticed, especially with the lives healthcare providers interact with every day.

This month was truly a close race for the HPoM finalists and we thank each and every one of you for your service.

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