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Podcast Spotlight: SkillGigs’ Brad joins ‘Grow B2B Faster’

Our president of the digital marketplace, Brad Hill, recently was a guest on a podcast called ‘GROW B2B FASTER’. This podcast, hosted by Sammy Gebele, is a weekly podcast for B2B sales and B2B marketers. Gebele interviews top CEOs, sales, and marketing leaders to uncover their strategies, hacks and tools to help businesses and individuals grow faster. Brad joined in on the discussion to share:

  1. How to create trust with your potential client – a key skill for every salesperson
  2. Communicating the value you offer in a way that it also meets the customer’s need
  3. How combining payment models will keep your customers hooked
  4. How to find the right hire for your team

Here’s a little sneak into the discussion around leaving your comfort zone:

Listen to the full episode here.