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Tech Talent: Discover Your Real Market Value

Have you ever wondered if your pay is competitive enough to match the job market today? If you have wondered before, you are not alone. Knowing if your salary is competitive to stand with others in your profession is essential when negotiating yours. The good news, you have a right to know your real market value, and you can find out what that is with SkillGigs.   

We are excited to announce our new tool that ensures you are always informed. The Real Market Value (RMV) tool [click here to check it out] is our approach to providing you with a more accurate view of salary for your specific job no matter if it is a full-time to contract position. Our RMV also considers location, as pay varies depending on where you live. We realize the job market changes so the data used to accurately measure pay comes from our own talent marketplace and is aggregated with other sources including government-based agency’s measure of labor and statistics, to always staying on top of it. 

How Do You Best Use Your RMV Range Results? 

Keep in mind that the RMV tool will give you a pay range from low to high, based on your location and current skills. If you are a digital professional with an active SkillGigs profile, you can gain access to a more detailed report that gets into more details such as your years of experience. The best way to make use of the data you receive is to use it as a guide to help you place realistic bids to top employers in the marketplace. SkillGigs gives you the opportunity to connect with active gigs with your bids (bids are how you show your interest to an employer). Bids can also be received directly from employers when there is a strong match. The advantages, of both the RMV tool and the bids working together, are that your expectations and employer’s expectations align from the start, creating a strong match.  

Pay transparency in the hiring process is important to create honest and open connections between talent and employers. Back in January, the Department of Labor reported 11.3 million job openings, 6.5 million hires, and 6.1 million separations as per their latest job openings and labor turnover survey. This is proof that as the talent you are in control of your career now than ever before. As employee turnover increases for one reason or another, one that remains constant is the demand for fair pay. People are seeking higher pay and demanding a more transparent approach to pay transparency.  

We have been part of the pay transparency conversation and encourage you to learn more about it and prepare yourself to show your value when it’s time to negotiate. Check out this blog post and feel free to check out others.  

Your Skills Are Golden 

SkillGigs gives you the power to display your skills and your salary expectations to have better-informed conversations with hiring managers. The RMV tool is filled with real-time results for key tech skill sets the marketplace is optimized for. In the case that your skillset is not an option, select ‘other’ and submit a request. Our talent marketplace is continuously working to add more skill sets and make your experience one that you need, every time.  

So, create your profile today, add your key skill listings and ensure you have access to the detailed RMV report.