How To Source & Recruit Top IT Talent
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10 Ways To Recruit Top IT Talent

With the ever growing demand for top IT Talent, companies (large and small) are battling it out to hire the best of the best. Unfortunately, the supply of top tier talent is not growing as fast as the demand, making the hunt even more competitive. So, if you’re one of those companies having troubles finding and recruiting top talent because you either cannot afford it, are not doing it right, or just cannot find them – here are our top 10 tips to recruit top IT talent lock in that all-star team member:

Anticipate hiring needs, start early in the game.

If you are prepping to recruit for top IT Talent, you need to make sure they will completely fit the needs of your company. We recommend working with all the key decision makers of the company to come to an agreed upon outline of hiring needs before even starting the search. Too many companies waste precious time and resources finding and hiring candidates that end up not fulfilling the needs of the team because they start last minute. In other words, make sure that the role responsibilities and key performance indicators are well defined. This will make for a cleaner interview process and everyone starting off on the same page. 

Have a great Sourcer on your staff.

This role is essential, and is one that will likely require a full-time employee. A sourcer is essentially the person who finds the candidates with the right skills for the job. Think of them more like a radar, which locates the target, potential candidates for your company, and reaches out to them to find out if they are available and interested in exploring opportunities. And then hands off candidates that fulfill the minimum criteria to the recruiters. [SkillGigs Employer Marketplace is an ideal one-stop-shop for sources.]

Have a quick filter methodology to narrow down potential candidates.

The sourcer and your staff will need a system in place to quickly filter potential candidates down to the select few you’ll really invest your time in pursuing. It’s critical to lay this out into a system (like SkillGigs), because it is easy to get derailed or distracted when multiple ‘all-star’ candidates are in the mix.

Don’t Start the First Conversation by Talking About the Job.

If someone is awesome at what they do, they know it – and it’s likely they have recruiters and companies contacting them often about job opportunities. From that, they put up their blinders and will immediately dismiss you if they feel that’s your agenda. Think about it this way, how do you feel when you get a cold call from another business trying to sell YOU their service? You likely hate them! Why? Because they lead with their agenda, and they aren’t the first one to do it. Keep this stop of mind when talking to top tier talent, they want a relationship, not a business deal. Which leads us to our next point…

Build a Relationship to Recruit Top IT Talent.

Our lives are founded on relationships and every good recruiter worth their salt knows that they will not be successful in recruiting if they don’t master the art of building relationships with their prospects. This is also why tip #1 is so important because it gives you time to build a relationship with a pipeline of candidates.

Follow up, Follow up, Follow up.

We cannot stress this enough, follow up! Stay in the minds of top talent, because they have countless others battling for their attention too. There are ways to do this without being annoying or overbearing. From a simple email, to a “how are you doing” call, even the smallest gesture can go a long way. You never know how their life situation may have changed from your last conversation, they may be ready to make the jump and join your team. With that, be sure your follow up is genuine.

Know Your Target’s Needs.

A part of building a relationship with someone is knowing their needs, and how you can solve them. It’s just like business, to acquire new customers you need to solve a problem for their needs. The same goes for talent, to really draw them in you need to offer a solution to their needs that make working for you their dream job.

Don’t Waste Time.

This one is very very important when you set out to recruit top IT talent. A lot of great candidates are lost because HR departments are too bureaucratic, or because the hiring managers take too much time making a decision. In an environment where there is hefty competition for IT talent, don’t let analysis paralysis loose you a great candidate. If you believe the candidate is good fit for your job make that offer!

Be Passionate.

Be passionate. Your passion will either recruit top IT Talent in, or push them away. And you want both to happen! If your passion draws them in, that’s great! It confirms they would be a great fit on your team. On the other hand, if your passion pushes them away, that’s good too. It’s a great filter to let you know that person would be a waste of time pursuing. As long as your passion is genuine, it will be contagious to the talent you need on your team. And the passion should be about the company, the values, the opportunities and the excitement for what this role will provide the company.

Fail to Plan, Plan to fail.

You’ve likely heard these words of wisdom before, and they can’t be stressed enough. You need a plan, or you’re going to fail. After you’ve decided on who you’re going to pursue recruiting, how are you going to do it? After you make contact, what’s the next step? Do you schedule an in person meeting? Invite them to an event or to the office? What are you going to talk about once you meet? What are their interests? What drives them? etc etc

We hope you found these tips valuable! Can you think of any others? 


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