Seven best practices for tech recruiters
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Seven Best Practices for Tech Recruiters

Seven Best Practices for Tech Recruiters

Tech recruiters operate in a talent market and companies need to follow the trends to attract the best employees to their company.

HR teams need to stay highly adaptive and creative in the way they attract top talent and for that, they need to know that the latest best practices in the industry to stand out.

1. Have a genuine first response.

When making your first impression to a candidate, adding a personal touch can set you apart from other recruiters. A best practice in tech recruiting is to get to know your candidates’ work history and to understand their past. This will help with your candidate response rates and open up dialogue quicker.

2. Transparency is the policy

When describing the position online, it is critical that you are as clear as possible. Using vague descriptions can turn away candidates since they cannot build a clear understanding of the job.

What is the size of the team?

What does a typical day look like for this role?

Having transparency will build more interest in your role and attract qualified talent.

3. Just name it!

Describing your company as a large enterprise or a young startup is a perfect example of not being transparent and a common mistake for tech recruiters. Millennials who are the largest upcoming workforce, see their job as a lifestyle and if they don’t know the company that they are applying for they are immediately disinterested in applying.

4. Don’t be afraid to go in depth

Don’t just stop at the company or the description there need to be transparency in other parts of the position to candidates. Consider having the compensation of the position and whether it is salary or hourly. Having these non-traditional descriptions listed will give you better fits for the position and create a solid candidate user experience.

5. Show and Tell

Think of this as a preview for potential candidates. This event is a perfect way to network with potential candidates in an informal setting and at the same time allow you to see if they would be a cultural fit for your team.

6. Don’t burn bridges

Let’s say you have a candidate that wasn’t a perfect fit for an open position, but through the hiring process, you felt that they would make a great addition to your organization. Keeping a strong line of communication to a candidate and providing a strong candidate user expensive is important. They will be strong advocates for your company and advocate other job seekers to apply to your company. Tech recruiters should implement this best practice because in the future, if there is a position that they would be perfect for they will be more motivated to apply.

7. Have access to a marketplace

Any tech recruiter knows that this a very competitive job market. Tech talent is highly sought after and having access to a marketplace with responsive top talent is a game changer. At SkillGigs, our top talent marketplace has thousands of responsive talent with open listings. We also feel that transparency is what top talent is looking for when considering a new position. The way that we do this is by our bidding system which takes compensation out of the equation and has interested talent always active for your position.

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