Share in the Wealth with the Skillgigs Referral Program

There are many reasons people jump into travel nursing.

Adventure, freedom, and job opportunities are a few; however, money has been the number one reason people go to travel nursing.

But what if you want that vacation to last a little longer? Maybe you have a bill you want paid off or even just more money to splurge. A little extra cash could go a long way. By having an amazing circle of healthcare industry professionals and friends, a simple referral could land you and your friend up to $3000 total per referral! Here’s how:

  1. Refer friends: Visit the Skillgigs Referral Page and fill out the referral form.
  2. Register: Your friend will receive an email and will be prompted to register with Skillgigs.
  3. Reward: Once they begin their first assignment, both of you could earn up to a total of $3000.

It is that easy! There’s facilities across the country constantly in need of healthcare professionals. If you communicate with a healthcare relationship manager, it is possible to even travel with a person you refer! Why not double down and save money in the long run while also enjoying time with people you know.

Here are a few other details you and your referrals will want to know before you are able to get that extra cash:

    • Referred RN must start assignment within 12 months from the date the referrals’ application is received.
    • Referrer payouts prorated for assignments less than 13 weeks.
    • Payouts occur at the end of assignment.
  • Payouts will be prorated is assignment length changes due to fall-off, cancellation, early end date, etc.

We know you’ll feel good about referring a friend to Skillgigs and your friend will feel the same. This travel nurse adventure is a wild ride so why not share in the experience. Reach out to a healthcare relationship manager any time with referral questions or to find your next travel adventure.

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