SkillGigs Opens Its Job Search Marketplace To Austin
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SkillGigs Continues Growth, Now Available in Austin Market

SkillGigs, the online job search marketplace, today announced the general availability of their resume and recruiting technology platform for technology job seekers for Austin, TX. SkillGigs will make available the 3D resume and skill listings for job seekers and Robo Recruiter for employers.

SkillGigs is attracting A-list talent in the Austin area amidst mounting challenges faced by employers. These challenges include a tightening job market and competitive benefits packages to lure away top talent from other destination cities around the U.S. SkillGigs solves these issues with two key technologies: Skill Radar – turning passive job seekers (those that are currently employed) into active job seekers and Robo Recruiter – matching the exact needs of an employer with the talents and expertise of the job seeker. This strategy will help companies throughout central Texas maximize return on their recruitment spend, while offering the best experience for job seekers.

In contrast to job sites that simply display resumes, SkillGigs differentiates itself by highlighting critical skills acquired by individual job seekers while making it easier for employers to find the right employee for their specific needs. SkillGigs’ patent-pending 3D resume breaks down the candidate’s skillsets, highlighting how often the skill was used throughout his or her career.

“We are very excited about expanding into Austin,” said SkillGigs Co-Founder & CEO Kashif Aftab. “We see Austin as the next big tech hub in the U.S. and SkillGigs is the perfect platform for talent and employers to engage with each other using our state-of-the-art tools.”

Influx of tech jobs in Texas

The Austin Technology Council predicts there will be 9,000 new tech jobs by 2017 and SkillGigs will play a pivotal role in finding the right talent to fill those roles. Three percent unemployment will not meet that need for the aggressively growing job market. The site’s auction style allows talent to secure the salary they deserve for his or her skillset. SkillGigs has an internal sourcing platform called Robo Recruiter. It is powered by an Artificial Intelligence based technology that empowers both the candidate and employer. The SkillGigs approach ensures the highest possible salary for candidates while saving the employer money and time by cutting out the middle man and third party recruiting firms. On average, SkillGigs saves companies over 35 percent versus traditional recruiters.

SkillGigs is easy to join as either talent or an employer at Talent can sign up and immediately create a skill listing and 3D resume which breaks down the talent’s skillsets over the course of his or her career. Employers must sign up and go through a quick application process in order to be approved to access our marketplace. Joining the SkillGigs job search marketplace is free for both talent and employers. Employers are only charged if they secure a successful hire.

About SkillGigs

SkillGigs is a Houston-based online job search marketplace where talent can interact, post their skills and jobs, bid on opportunities and find the perfect match. SkillGigs compiles some of the hardest to find talent including Data Scientists, Full Stack Developers, DevOps Engineers, and Java Developers. SkillGigs is the next generation for job finding and hiring experience. This game-changing two-sided marketplace sets up talent and companies for optimal success with branding tools such as our patent pending 3D resume technology that helps market the talent distinctly.