SkillGigs Takes Over California w/ Job Search Marketplace
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SkillGigs Takes Over California with Job Search Marketplace

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last 20 years, we all know that California is a tech industry hub. What you may not know is that it is a tech industry hub that is facing a drought. And no, I’m not talking about the water drought.  We’re talking about the tech talent drought.

It’s impacting companies of all sizes throughout the country, but more specifically the California region where so many companies in the tech industry are headquartered.  It’s a serious issue that even executives like Mark Zuckerberg recognize and are desperately seeking a solution for.

Our CEO, Kashif Aftab, recognized the need, which is why he set off to create our action style job search marketplace that converts passive talent into active job seekers, all on our platform.  

Since our launch in early 2015, we have focused on bringing talent into our two-sided marketplace, specifically in California.

So Why Did We Target CA?

Well, first and foremost we wanted to make sure we didn’t overextend ourselves, and we thought the best approach for us was to begin serving  one market at a time. Like we said before, CA is an area with a huge demand for tech talent, but it just doesn’t have enough supply.

So we decided to set our sites on this in particular, and went full steam ahead with recruiting and sourcing talent onto our platform.  We may not be able to solve the water drought, but we are hell bent on solving the tech talent drought!

In CA, the demand for quality talent is high, yet the supply of talent actively looking for jobs is low. That said, the rate of job growth is higher than it’s been for the last decade. Infact it’s 13% higher than pre-recession in San Francisco!  

With the increasing job market, top talent are getting scooped up, and the battle of the talent wages on. Companies of all sizes are searching for a solution… and one that doesn’t break the bank. This is where SkillGigs comes in to save the day!

Within our auction style talent & job search marketplace, we have figured out how to attract some of the most difficult to recruit IT talent in the Silicon Valley.

Our secret sauce is composed of 3 main factors:

  1. The auction-style gamification of our talent marketplace
  2. Our amazing sourcing technology called Skill Radar.
  3. And our matching and recruiting AI based technology called Robo Recruiter.

The proof is in the pudding:

  1.  Our Skill Radar uncovered and reached out to around 13,000 Tech professionals in the last three months such as Data Scientists, Full Stack Developers, Dev Ops Engineers, Java Developers etc.
  2.  Of these 13,000 candidates we converted around 1,700 into active job seekers in our auction style marketplace ready for clients to engage with and start hiring

This is a huge milestone. We uncovered and activated passive job seekers for our clients who are not applying to their jobs. Totally solving the talent supply and demand problem.

How do we convert these passive candidates into active SkillGigs job seekers?

It’s pretty easy when you think about it…we give them an opportunity to land their dream job. You see, we created the Skill Listing concept. A skill listing isn’t about the job you have, it’s about the job you want. We basically give the talent an opportunity to tell us what it would take for them to move from their current position to another. We then give employers an opportunity to engage this talent and meet their requirements. It’s a platform where both parties win.

So what’s next?

We’ve without a doubt proven our theory that if you give passive talent an opportunity to state their terms and land their dream job they will come…and boy have they come! Now it is time to shift our focus on bringing in companies that are desperately searching for the talent we have in our job search marketplace.

In an effort to make sure we are only bring on serious employers who are good fit for our talent, and that we are a good fit for their type of business, we have also begun to require all new employer signups to go through quick application process and obtain approval to fully utilize the SkillGigs Two-Sided Job Search Marketplace.

So, what do you think? We want to hear from you! In the comments below, tell us how this talent supply & demand has affected you.