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Talent Marketplace: Changing The Future of Work!

New employers and talent are joining our transformative e-commerce-style marketplace by the thousands each month. Behind the consistent growth digital division president Brad Hill. Brad Hill has 25 years of experience in the IT staffing and solutions industry. The insight that he has brought to SkillGigs has helped elevate the potential of our technology. Our team sat down to discuss with Brad the advantages of joining our ecommerce talent marketplace. 


We are the perfect platform for professionals tired of biased recruiters and agencies deciding their fate. With SkillGigs, you’ll have direct access to top jobs. As the talent, you’ll have the ability to utilize your 3D resume to entertain bids for your skills or actively bid directly to hiring leaders in your own time. While also benefiting an employer who realizes we are transformative. Employers gain direct control and access to talent on their terms, at their pace and urgency. In addition, they will realize consumptive-based benefits in rebates for their company as they hire in volume over time. We’re building a privatized contingent labor talent marketplace that delivers what we call a “talent cloud” that can continuously be redeployed. 

The future of hiring is changing, and we need to be ready for employers who desire a scalable virtual workforce and talent who want to work their way, from anywhere on their terms.

To learn more about how we’re continuing to benefit both talent and employers visit our How it works page.