FAQs for Talent

Frequently Asked Questions – Talent

SkillGigs is your secret weapon for finding the best healthcare, technology and digital positions across the country. We are a resource for active professionals in the two fastest growing markets. We enable you to learn your personal brand, interact directly with employers without a middleman, and to find the perfect job fit.

If you’re interested in finding the perfect job for you, keep reading for more information on how this intuitive platform works, and how you can use it to find your dream job.

Why should I use SkillGigs?

SkillGigs offers all healthcare and digital professionals the opportunity to develop their personal brand, use free career resources, discover real market values and be eligible for opportunities with our partner employers and facilities. We focus on your career goals and work to find you the perfect gig, instead of selling you on an unfit position. You never have to apply to a position, and you receive direct feedback in real-time. With SkillGigs, you are in control of your career, with the freedom to choose technology over traditional recruiters. Top features for you include but not limited to:

  • Bid on jobs and set your rate! The bidding part is completely free and is a natural part of how your profile works.
  • Unlimited use of our patented 3d Resume to give your skills a whole new virtual design.
  • Direct access to contract and permanent gigs. And for our healthcare talent, this includes per diem and travel contracts too.
  • Promote the skills you want to take forward in your career.
  • Get AI-matched with employers who are looking for your skills.
  • And so much more!

What is a Skill Listing?

Skill Listings enable you to inform employers of your availability for hire, and give you a chance to specify contract length, your specialty, and location preferences. This is how you enter the job marketplace and drive employer demand to you vs. you applying for multiple jobs. With Skill Listings, you also have a better understanding of your worth according to skill supply and demand in the market, the ability to manage your interviews, and communicate your needs directly with interested employers.

Where is SkillGigs?

We may be headquartered in Houston, TX but we have opportunities nationwide! We source for various employers from all major industries as well as hospitals and healthcare facilities across the U.S. For specific states, contact us today to learn about available gigs in your desired locations.

How does SkillGigs help me build a brand?

SkillGigs’ 3D Resume (Pat. 10,430,764) is your next generation personal branding tool that’s packed with information such as your specialties and important credentials. These features enable you to tell your professional story in a visually impactful way, making it easy for you to get hired faster.

What is a 3D Resume?

The patented 3D Resume is a 360 view of the talent based on their skills and expertise. It is our predictive hiring technology. It is also used as a mapping tool used to map a company’s best talent to match to prospective candidates on our platform and use our AI matching system.

When do you contact me?

We don’t! Our AI does. We will only contact you if our system matches your skill density and career interests to an open position based on your contract preferences and licensing that would be worth your while to know about. With that said, please use the messaging feature within our marketplace to communicate with SkillGigs’ teams if and when you have a question.

I'm a tech contractor, but what does that mean?

That means you’ve joined the SkillGigs community of growing tech and digital professionals! And to speak technically, you are a W-2 contractor of SkillGigs on assignment at one of our employer partners. You will grow skills and grow experience with those employer opportunities while employed by SkillGigs. 

I'm in healthcare, how do I get important documents to my future employer?

Upload any and all certifications, credentials, and licenses once. That’s right, once! With SkillGigs, once you complete your skills checklist, your credentials are stored on your profile until you take them down. Until then, your completed credentialing allows you to apply to and find work quickly – getting you hired faster! For more on one-time credentialing, check out our how-to video

What is the SkillGig's Bidding System?

Talent can post a skill listing just like you would if you were using eBay to sell a product. But in this case, you are letting the employers in our marketplace know you are available to work on a full-time or contract basis. By doing this, you open yourself up to market bidding, which creates a pipeline of possible employer suitors for you. This provides you the power of choice and a way to find the perfect job fit.

If you receive a bid – congrats! Receiving a bid means your 3D Resume (Pat.) caught the attention of one of our top employers. Not only will you receive email and SMS notifications when this happens, but you can also find all bids in your dashboard through your SkillGigs account. Bids are a gateway for employers to communicate with you directly, and they are not permitted to send any messages or interview requests prior to placing a bid, bringing the power back to you! It is important to note when bidding, such as your hourly rate calculated by our bidding technology is confidential between employers and you.

Our software will automatically calculate the bill rate that employers will receive when you send in a bid and when you receive a bid your hourly rate is calculated based off the bill rate an employer desires to start bidding for your talent. Both of you can accept or deny BID requests, empowering you both to make final decisions on whether the opportunity to work together is the right fit.

See the feature in action by clicking here here — this video tutorial walks you through a user in the digital marketplace. But the concept is universal for all talent.

For more on bidding, use the form to contact us with any additional questions.

What if I don't want to be visible to my current employer?

We offer talent a stealth mode option, which provides ultimate privacy protection at all times. Job seekers select which employers are restricted from viewing their listings. Once talent creates a skill listing in our marketplace, that listing will only show up in an employer’s search results if the talent has consented to it.