Digital and Technology Professionals are In Demand
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Digital & Tech Professionals: “You’re In Demand” — But what does that mean?

We’ve probably all watched at least five TedTalks that speak to the rise of technology and its exponential growth. So, we all intrinsically understand, there’s no end in sight to the growth potential for technology professionals. But how do we properly show what is happening here and now? And put that into practice to ensure you get the best job, best fit, best price? 

Maybe we can help. 

Focus on the data.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (yes, it’s a real thing) releases monthly, public, reports giving great detail on job increases, losses, unemployment, industry trends and key role gaps. Staffing agencies and companies alike consume this information to help them determine their own hiring protocols, plans and salary adjustments. They even release an ‘Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH)’ which is loaded with career information resources.  

Now that you know where we are citing from, this is what is going on. The latest projection of employment through the end of this decade (2020-2030) is an increase of nearly 12 million jobs. That means a total employment rate of 165.4 million jobs. This rate does take into consideration the anomalies that occurred in 2020 and still show favorable increases year over year. But now we need to remember: 

  • By 2030, baby boomers will all be 65 years or older. With a large volume of the labor force entering into less productivity (aka retirement) it will affect participation rates for open jobs 
  • The labor force (those who are 16 years old and up) is expected to increase by 2030, but only to 169.6 million 

So by 2030, there will be an assumed 165 million jobs for 169 million folks in the labor force with a big chunk of that volume exploring retirement years. In other words – the job market will be on your side.  

Now let’s dig deeper into the digital and technology professional space. 

“Technological advancements are expected to support strong employment growth in professional, business, and scientific services industries, including computer systems design and related services.”

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 

Those “technological advancements” not only need technology professionals to achieve those but also to maintain. So, we need technology for the advancement in addition to the roles that will increase to support all the growth. But for a more short-term look, IT security and software development, in part due to increased prevalence of telework spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, are rapidly growing right now. The latest BLS report goes on to read, “demand for new products associated with the Internet of Things (IoT), and for analyzing and interpreting large datasets are also expected to contribute to fast employment growth for these occupations, which include statisticians, information security analysts, and data scientists.” 

This demand is what is causing employment in computer and information technology roles to grow by 13 percent by 2030. That’s the same as adding, nearly 700,000 new jobs. 

So in other words – you are in demand because you fall into the one of the fastest growing occupational categories against a job market that will need more of you. And simply put, there will not be enough supply to hit the demand.  

Knowledge is power.

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