Thanksgiving Shift: 4 Positive Things About Working the Holiday
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Thanksgiving Shift: 4 Positive Things About Working the Holiday

Nobody wants to work a holiday shift but roughly 25 percent of Americans end up having to work on Thanksgiving Day.

Everyone knows the negative things about working on the holidays, but what about the positives?

This blog is for those who need help finding the positives of working the Thanksgiving shift!

Avoiding traffic!

This one goes out to the healthcare professionals in the larger cities! In a dense urban area, it can easily take up to an hour to travel less than 20 miles! On Thanksgiving, the only people on the road are last-minute travelers and people working holiday shifts. This means your commute times are sure to be drastically shorter! Take the extra time to get a nice latte or even sleep in a little!


Be there for your patients!

The majority of the staff did not choose to be there for Thanksgiving and its important to remember that the patients didn’t choose to be there either. Take this chance to brighten their holiday with comfort and support. Going that extra mile will benefit both you and your patients and leave you with that warm feeling you get from helping others.


Extra Pay!

While the thrill of helping others may be the reason you chose healthcare, the money doesn’t hurt either and working holidays makes you eligible for holiday pay! Ask your facility for their holiday pay policy, while most facilities pay time and half some can pay up to 2x your base rate! If you find yourself down during the shift, just think of the check coming your way and maybe that will bring a smile back to your face!


You still get to feast!

You can’t talk about Thanksgiving without talking about the food! Healthcare facilities will not let you down when it comes to a holiday potluck and on the off chance they do, your cafeteria should be handing out Thanksgiving plates for free! You should also find out if local food spots and coffee spots in your area give out freebies to Thanksgiving workers.


We know it’s never fun to work the holidays but hopefully this is enough to give you a spirit boost when your shift gets though. And at least there’s no black Friday for healthcare!

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