The Essential E’s of Kansas
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The Essential E’s of Kansas

With the recent implementation of the NLC in Kansas, nurses all over the country have lucrative and exciting opportunities ahead of them with nursing assignments in Kansas.

Before getting there, here are the need-to-know places to visit!

This state may not have the same reputation as hot-spot locations such as Colorado or Florida, but Kansas has a large assortment of places to explore, culture to experience, and memories to make!


There is a large variety of options and locations of quality food across Kansas. From the top-rated restaurants to cheap meals, there is something for everyone across the state.


Bang for Your Buck

For this first category, we found a handful of top-reviewed restaurants that give you the best quality food for a low price. In Kansas City, Cosentino’s Market and Deli and Vietnam Café are both wonderful local spots with excellent ratings in food, service, and atmosphere. Whether you are craving a tasty sandwich or a delicious Vietnamese dish, there is an affordable route for you!

(College Hill Pizza Pub)

In Wichita, a great place to check out is Ty’s Diner. This American restaurant is ranked in the top 50 of Wichita’s 800 eating selections. Also, if you decide to visit Topeka, two places to try are Pad Restaurant great fast food meals and College Hill Pizza Pub’s delicious plates of pizza! These listed are just the top of a long list of dining options across the state that give you the best meal for the lowest price!

Late Night Bites

(Dempsey’s Burger Pub)

For those who have a late-night appetite or shift, there are still places to go after a long day. Winstead’s Steak Burger’s provides a classic American dining experience in Kansas City that doesn’t shut down till midnight.

For those who need late-night (or early morning) spot, Town Topic is open 24 hours. In Wichita, Dempsey’s Burger Pub and Bai Wei Asian Diner stay open till 2 am, and 3 am for those yearning for a late-night bite!


(Bai Wei)

Alternatively, if you happen to be in Topeka, visit Terry’s Bar and Grill for an authentic, late-night dinner that doesn’t stop the party till 2 am!

Another great option is to grab a savory Hot Dog or Hamburger at The Burger Stand. No matter where you are in Kansas, there is an option for you that stays open till midnight or later!

City Specialty


Perhaps, you want to experience Kansas’ culture with your taste buds. Here are the best places to visit that are authentic to the Sunflower State. When in Kansas City, check out Joe’s Kansas City BBQ is a highly rated restaurant that is world-famous for its quality meats!

Another signature restaurant located in Kansas’ biggest metropolis is Garozzo’s Ristorante which provides an intimate Italian setting and delicious food.

For Topeka, The Wheel Barrel is an excellent choice for all any lunch appetite you may have. Between soups, sandwiches, or the bar, this fun atmosphere has something for everyone. Located in the center of Topeka, the Rowhouse Restaurant is another fantastic stop that provides a variety of dishes on its menu.

If you happen to be nearby Lawrence, there is a great place to check out in this college town. McLain’s Market provides breakfast and dessert foods that are not only delicious but completely worth the price as well! Finally, for those who are nearby Wichita, Meddy’s, the Mediterranean grill, and Sienna Tuscan Steakhouse are excellent choices.


There is a lot to do in Kansas whether its different events, fun bars, and clubs or places to visit. Check out some of the best entertainment venues throughout the state!


(Arrowhead Stadium)

When it comes to sporting events, Kansas has a plethora of opportunities for fans. Watching the Royals or the Chiefs are always a great experience, especially with rising stars like Patrick Mahomes and Alex Gordon.

NASCAR fans in Kansas City can also have fun watching the high-speed competition at the Kansas Speedway. There is also minor league baseball entertainment provided by the T-bones minor league team, who are just beginning their season.

Alternatively, for those more interested in collegiate sports, UK competes in a wide range of sports such as basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, hockey, and more located in Lawrence.


(Wichita Art Museum)

On an off day or free weekend, there is a wide assortment of things to visit in Kansas. The Sprint Center hosts a wide variety of events from Big 12 Men’s Basketball tournaments to upcoming concerts of artists like Shawn Mendes and Khalid.

The Wichita Art Museum or the Cosmosphere in Hutchison are great places to visit and tour for a day of fun and learning! Another great location is the Oz Museum in Wamego, Kansas, dedicated to The Wizard of OZ film. This museum features more than 2,000 artifacts from the movie and books.  A great time to visit is during the fall amid Kansas’ annual Oktoberfest that have live music, presentations, food, and activities for all ages. Alternatively, for a fun day in the sun, check out Kansas City’s Schlitterbahn that hosts a variety of water rides and activities.



(Mosaic Ultra Lounge)

For those who prefer to socialize later in the evening, Kansas offers a variety of nightlife venues. In Kansas City alone, there are plenty of different bars and clubs to visit. Top-ranked among them, Draftcade, Mosaic Ultra Lounge, and the Green Lady Lounge all provide top-quality experiences. Draftcade has an arcade theme to its bar and restaurant. Mosaic Ultra Lounge’s atmosphere is bright, colorful, and great for groups of friends looking to have a good time!

Those more interested in a classical setting will enjoy the jazzy, old fashioned Green Lady Lounge. Fans of cigars will enjoy Mort’s Cigar Bar found in Wichita, which gives an excellent atmosphere for a local to grab a drink and a cigar of their choice and enjoy the live music. For those who are less interested in a bar or club, Topeka’s Classic Bean is a great place to relax after a long day with local music, coffee, and sandwiches. These are just the top, essential selections of a long list of nightlife opportunities for those in Kansas!


Wanting to get out of the house for the day or the weekend? No worries! We have got you covered with the highest rated places and hidden gems of Kansas to explore and experience.


Kansas has a beautiful scenic view that can be witnessed all around the state. Cheyenne Bottoms Preserve, located in Hutchison, is a large traffic spot for migrating birds. The wetlands area hosts a quarter of a million birds in its marshes that comprise over 300 different species. Another fantastic place to explore is the Tallgrass Prairie U.S. National Park. This park is over 10,000 acres vast and has scenic prairies, historic buildings, and fun tours to participate in. The Overland Park Arboretum in the Kansas City area is a great escape from work as well!

With over 800 plant species covering its 300 acres, the botanical gardens and artwork, are an excellent location for hiking and exploring. For who are less interested in the scenic outdoors, another hidden gem of Kansas is its salt mine museum, Strataca, in Hutchison.  Finally, for all the animal lovers, the Topeka Zoo is an enjoyable day interacting with the wide variety of animals from all over.


There are plenty of events and spots to visit that allow you to experience the heart of Kansas. The state has a variety of festivals such as the Food Truck Festival (Jul. 27), Film Festival (Aug. 22), or the Water Lantern Festival (Jul. 27), etc. There is a vast multiplicity of festivals that happen throughout the year, so it’s important to look into all the different events and mark your calendars! These are all fun events for friends and family that are a well-spent day of Kansas culture. Places to visit to get to know Kansas better would be Botanica, the Wichita Gardens or the Monument Rocks.  Both the butterfly gardens and the national landmark are fun ways to become more acquainted with the Sunflower State.


To learn more about the history of Kansas, there a bunch of different spots to check out. There many museums throughout the state including the Museum of World Treasures in Wichita, the Combat Air Museum in Topeka, the Kansas Museum of History in Topeka, and the National WII Museum and Memorial in Kansas City. All of these are relatively inexpensive to get admission to and are worth the visit! Another great place to visit is the or Massachusetts Street in Lawrence, which contains a lot of historical buildings and architecture.


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